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Stressed Woman

Are you knowingly?
Or can you not seem to figure out how you are?

This can be a tough one. 

Are you knowingly doing it & it's causing you stress?

Is it because you hate feeling restricted like being on a diet & you want gorgeous things

Is it because you've overdone the BNPL stuff without realising it?


Maybe you are experiencing a series of things that keep going wrong, life just isn't cutting you any slack & you can't regain control?

Is your partner not on the same economic page as you & undoes all your hard work of looking after the finances? 

Our relationship with money is often complex.

We form the basis of this by the age of 7. 


You can read more on that here with this article on Money Helper

If your parents were very careful with money, didn't let you spend your pocket money on what you wanted for example, or were super frugal with your clothes whilst all your friends were getting the cool stuff, there is a chance you might feel liberated at making your own decisions & your spending habits go a bit wild!

This can continue throughout your adult life & at some point, you will want to stop & make changes to your habits. 

Have you been in an abusive relationship where your access to money was restricted or even denied? 

Maybe your partner stole from you & forced you into a debt that was not yours but now you're saddled with?

This website is superb please do visit if this is you or you think this could be you  Surviving Economic Abuse 

So let's explore what's going on here a bit more & find some solutions that balance what you want with what you need. 

Don't tell me where your priorities are
Show me where you spend your money & I'll tell you what they are


~ James W Frick

monthly budget.png

Budgeting Simply ~ One Month at a time

Just slow down & create one month that looks & feels good. 

1. Your Needs are catered for

2. Your Savings get a look in

3. What you've got left is yours to spend as you wish.

You don't have to allocate every single pound, euro or dollar

You can simplify to one big pot

Or have categories: Self Care, Social & Family maybe.

Whatever works for you this is fully customizable & simply supports 3-way allocation.

It's non restrictive, shows you how much money you have to play with & helps you to look carefully at your essentials. 

If you can pay less for things then you've got more fun money!

For bills book me for a free bill review, I'll work my magic to get you to pay less & even earn some referral cash to boost your budget! 

Woman using iPad and Apple Pencil while sitting on the couch_Financial Decluttering made e

Decluttering your finances!

Not as much fun as doing your wardrobe 


As necessary!

As it's bit more complex than deciding if you'll ever wear those red trousers again, this guide takes you step by step on how to do it so that you can do one small thing taking 10 mins or tackle something a bit chunkier for an hour.

Bit by bit you'll easily reveal a few clangers & be able to put them right without tears & meltdowns (it can't be just me?)

Useful Tips & Extra Resources

My guest speaking podcast with Jeanette - Menopause, Money & Life Planning


Chocolate Bites
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Get clarity & feel more at home

How do I stick to a budget?

10 Steps of Support

Let's stay in touch!

Love from
Lucy x
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