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Budgeting for Busy People - One Page One Year Planner

Budgeting for Busy People - One Page One Year Planner


This stops my brain getting fried! 


🪴 Very simple yet powerful, this budget template separates your needs from your wants and your savings. I love it being compartmentalised it makes me feel reassuringly organised.


🪴  This helps you to portion your income into 50% to your Needs, 30% to your Wants and 20% on your future.

During the current economic climate this might be way off the mark for you, but it's a great concept to work towards & if nothing else, having awareness of what you truly need vs what brings you pleasure will enable you to spend with intention.

That in itself will help you recognise when you're spending a tenner here & there & empower you to think twice about it. These little amounts of money add up really fast & contribute to why you've no money left at the end of the month. 


🪴  Emotional overpsending is a big topic & I will be writing an ebook on this in 2023.

One big tip for me to share with you now, that's covered in all my other ebooks, is to tune in to what you want, what is really important to you. 

What direction are you going in? Is it the right one or have you wandered off track?


🪴  This spreadsheet is created on Google Sheets so is accessible for everyone and also comes with your own video tutorial so you'll not get stuck, even if you're new to or even hate spreadsheets 😁 

I have always hated them, I know the irony, which is why I created them to look clean, beautiful & simple yet deliver what you need in a way that doesn't look like that scene from The Matrix!


🪴 Planning out your year is not as daunting as it might seem & it will empower you to see those money bumps in the road ahead of time & create better consistency. 

There are free blogs to show you how to end one month by reconciling your bank & credit cards as well as setting up a fresh month - take a look at those. 


Get started today you'll feel so much more confident & be in the driving seat, in control of your money.

Ask me anything over on social channels - links are at the top of the website 


Love from

Lucy x


  • What happens when you purchase?

    You will get a pdf in your email with the private links you need to download the spreadsheet & access your video tutorial.

    Google Sheets is accessible with a google account which is easy to set up if you don't already have one. 

    Use this link to find out more: Google Accounts

    Please message me with any questions or worries.

    Use the contact page

    Thank you 

    Lucy x

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