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Financial & Mental Wellbeing

These are intrinsically linked so it's not to be underestimated.
Putting yourself first when you're looking after your health & your money make for very happy results. 


Seasons of Life

We all have different life seasons - have you ever considered just how much this makes a big difference to how you manage your budgets?


Create Clarity when budgeting

Feeling foggy especially where to start when you're setting up a money plan is very normal!
One of the things I hear the most is wanting to feel more clear about what to do next, what direction to go in.
These 5 steps take you from Debt to Modern Retirement Planning with lots of resources to help you.


Spending Behaviours

Our daily decisions create our habits that create our lives. 
Meg is a renowned business coach, this is our conversation about budgeting where she says my take on it is "refreshing".
The power of using a business cashflow philosophy at home.


Chatting to home buying expert Mark Humphrey

Mark has a very popular podcast series called Ready to Buy Podcast where I have a guest speaking episode #16
This was our live Facebook chat where we delved into the wonderful world of buying your first home - regardless of your age. Mark has a growing mortgage advisor business in Whitstable Kent & specialises in first time ownership.


Why isn't your budget working?

Your previous experience with budgeting might have been a disaster! 
Did it infuriate & frustrate you?
Did it look good on paper but not resemble what you actually spend?


Financial Independence

The liberating feeling you have when you have your own financial wellbeing is intoxicating. 
My nan was the manageress of a haberdashery in Islington London in the 1940's after the war. Her drive for independence matched mine - here's a short story.


Meal Planning Made Easy

The one where I didn't & my food waste was about £7.
Do this each week & that's going to add up to over £300 over the year. 

If you like a live video then join in with me on a Saturday afternoon (usually) over in my private Facebook group 
You can ask me things so we can have a bit of a chat live on air!


Clear your confusion when budgeting

Brain fog, gone blank, can't figure out what to think, say or do, start here. 
Clarity is fundamental to creating a budget, if you don't know what you're doing in life, how you feel about money or how your partnership is being affected by your household finances, this one is a great starting point. 
The free ebook link is on the home page too.

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