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Working from Home

Did you learn this stuff in school?

Me neither.

Just like cooking, managing your money is a life skill & takes a bit of guidance, a recipe book & some practice.

What are your reasons for not budgeting before?

Do you think that you only need to budget when you're struggling with income?

Or maybe what's the point of budgeting if you haven't got much money?

Most people worry it will take up so much time & they haven't got enough as it is.

There's a huge chance that you simply don't know where to start or how to find the right fit for you.

Without budgeting, or having a decent plan, you'll just live paycheck to paycheck. Most people do & most people hate it.

Living for today is fun & who knows what the future will bring right? 

BUT life can be more fulfilling when we've got a bit of direction, a dream, a vision & some desires for what we really want. 

I dreamed of living in a gorgeous house in France but never really thought it would happen. I doubted myself. I was scared. I thought "one day maybe, wouldn't it be lovely" but "I'll never be able to afford it".

You see, money mindset issues affect all of us!

Like nature, your life has seasonal shifts.

Money underpins much of our lives so it's a delicate balance of living for today & planting seeds for tomorrow.

I get asked a lot, "How do I get to feel in control of my money?"  

In short, to feel that way is to practically apply some semblance of control!

Wherever you are I'm right here with you.

Let's take a look at some gorgeous resources as you set out to grab the reins of your personal finances.

Oh by the way, we bought our house in France... dreams can come true you just have to dream them first.

My BIGGEST tip at this stage:

Take it slowly, try not to stress &
be patient with yourself.
Learning new skills takes a little time & practice to get just right. 

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Beginners Toolkit

From confusion, this will create clarity taking you step by step through your situation to the other side of having a finished beautiful budget that will fit you perfectly.

Muddling through without a guide is going to create more stress which you have probably discovered already.

When have you ever made a great financial decision when you've felt emotional & anxious?


The guide & simple spreadsheet clearly shows you what you've got left over each month to spend & helps you plan ahead.

Planning ahead is the game changer.

Your First 3 Action Steps


Budgeting and Planning is a Registered Member of the GDPR Check & Verify Register. 

Simple Budgeting Printable

Spreadsheets are not everyones cup of tea so grab this printable version instead.

All the prompts you could wish for so you just fill in the blanks & grab your calculator.

Take a look...

monthly budget.png

Monthly Budget

If the thought of doing a cash flow plan is just all too much, let's dial it back to a super simple monthly budget.

This is based on the 50/30/20 principle where around half your household income is spent on your essentials, around 30% is spent on the things you want & 20% is allocated to a mixture of savings, investments & debt payoff.

Portion control for your money is a really simple way to categorise it so that it makes sense. 

If your ratio is 70% or more going out on your essentials leaving you with not much to play with or much to save, you will have some work to do in both

🌿 Reducing as much of your expenses as you can

🌿 Find a way to create more income. 

If you have unmanageable or stressful debt please go to  this page 

If you're keen to earn an extra income around what you already do go to  this page 

Let's stay in touch!

Love from
Lucy x
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