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"Marriage is an attempt to solve problems together, which you didn't even have when you were on your own" ~ Eddie Cantor

Deciding to live together, get married, start a family, all the things, is bliss. You've found your person 🤍

Until you start talking about money.

Financial compatibility isn't sexy but it is one of the most fundamental aspects of a relationship. 

This doesn't mean you have to earn the same or spend the same on the same things. Or that a saver & a spender can't have the most beautiful of relationships, opposites attract right?

But it does mean you have to be in agreement about the biggest life seasons you will experience together. 

One of the biggest disasters is simply not talking to each other.

Resentment festers when there is a misalignment of financial values & very likely will create nasty arguments & drive a wedge between you. It weaves its toxicity through everything.

HOW you create a spending plan is totally unique to you, your lifestyle desires & future plans. 

Do you pool both incomes together & split them evenly?

Do you put a fair % of your income into a household pot & keep the rest separate?

What if one of you is made redundant, or can't work through illness?

"In sickness and in health?" 

What if you don't want to go back to work after maternity leave?

See, I told you it wasn't sexy!

Get financially naked too

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Budgeting for Busy People
- get on the same page!

🤍 When you've got loads going on, you need a simple set-up that enables you to see your calendar year ahead.

Planning is the secret ingredient for successful budgeting. 

🤍 Simply separating your essential household needs, then allocating to your savings, naturally filters down into what's left over for guilt-free spending. 

🤍 That can be divided equally into your own separate bank accounts if you wish so that you have Our money, Your money & My money all seamlessly set up.

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Financial Decluttering

Sometimes you just need a guide to help you to declutter the old to make way for fresh new thinking & behaviours.

This guide will really help you unravel what isn't working for you & enable you to make new plans.

Especially brilliant if you can't articulate with your partner what you want & how you feel about money!

My guest speaking podcast with Jeanette - Menopause, Money & Life Planning

Useful Tips & Extra Resources

Our money
Your money
My money



Get clarity & feel more at home

Chocolate Bites

How do I stick to a budget?

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10 Steps of Support

Let's stay in touch!

Love from
Lucy x
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