5 Substantial ways to save money

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A great place to start

Are you worried about how much your home bills have gone up?

Are you spending differently now?

Have you reworked your budget around your essentials?

Most of us have seen our bills go up by around £250 a year and they are set to rise again by another £300+ in April 2022.

That's pretty horrendous.

Want some great ideas to make them as cheap as possible so that you can manage them well?

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Your mortgage

Want to pay less interest on your mortgage?

Looking to buy your first home?

Wondering what options you have as you move towards retirement?

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How much are you paying for all of your insurances?

Car, buildings, contents, pet, life...

The list goes on, doesn't it?

Food glorious food

How much food do you throw away each week?

Too tired to cook properly?

Uninspired & in a rush?

Have a freezer from Narnia & can't find anything?

Yo-yo Biscuits

Working with a budget

If you haven't already noticed I'm a bit partial to a budget planner.

Have you already started one?

Many people who use one find money they didn't realise they had just because they hadn't organised things for a while. 

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