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Coming late 2024

Bite-sized budgeting courses

No need to do any of this alone, I'm right here with you.

I'll launch a pilot version so if you'd like half price option to road-test it with me get on the waiting list!


Presented by

Lucy Wallington

I've been through the pain of teaching myself how to manage my money throughout many seasons of life!

Now I'm sharing everything I know and am still learning with you so you don't have to spend hours researching.


I've been nicknamed The Budgeting Queen by various financial advisors so I've adopted the name over on Linkedin 👑

Getting the basics right is liberating, it opens up your financial world!

When you're ready for financial advice you'll be in a much better place to discuss your finances because you'll not only understand them but have been working on a plan for a while.

One of the biggest frustrations with financial advisors is the volume of people who simply aren't ready because the basics are a mess. They charge too much per hour so invariably send clients away with a dull spreadsheet.

How about you grab a gorgeous one, get some personalised mentoring & continue your learning journey here?

We will cover 3 simple approaches:

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Fancy some Freebies while you wait?

I'd love to see you over on my YouTube Channel with me.

Come & keep me company?!

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If you're more of a reader...

There are over 75 blogs where you can learn more, read about some silly shenanigans of mine & grab some extra resources... Here's my latest ⤵

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Free ebook!

Grab your free workbook to give you some clear headspace.

Figuring out your financial wellbeing levels is easy albeit thought provoking!

It will enable you to clearly see where you're at with your finances & what needs the most work.

I can of course help you with this in a mentoring session or you can download a digital or printable planner to get started on your budget right away.

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