About Me


My name is Lucy and I founded this small business in the autumn of 2021 after speaking to many people, mostly women over the previous few years who were struggling with the foundations of budgeting, home based paperwork organisation and planning ahead.

After a 30 year career in retail with some of the big guys, M&S, Gap and Apple, I loved looking after my customers, my teams & learning to understand the financial elements of what makes a business tick.

I bought my first flat in the late 90's and had to learn how to budget really quickly, so between my career & my home life, managing the numbers became second nature.

Ironic really considering I'd failed miserably at maths at school! But I guess that's why I've created the kind of toolkits I wanted to use, because I understand how daunting numbers can be.

A regular spreadsheet filled with numbers makes my eyes & brain hurt, so creating workbooks divided into smaller sections made sense. If you only do one bit at a time, work through one tab at a time, that's progress.

The maths is done for you so that you only need to put in your income, your expenses, there's tons of help on each page.

Best of all, everything that needs to, copies over to the right tabs so you only need to enter things once!


Learning to understand your numbers, so that you don't say "Ok I've entered all my numbers in,  now what?" comes as part of it. You start with your income, move on to savings, then expenses so that "what's leftover" is essentially money to spend or save as you like. You budget for each category, so if you want more leftover money, where can you take it from?

Want to reduce your subscription tv packages so that you can afford that lovely gym?

That is budgeting! You're portion controlling where each pound is spent - based on what is important to you.

And yes I can help you with your bills, these women I mostly spoke with as I mentioned above, were those I was helping to reorganise their bills to reduce how much they were spending & make them easier to manage.

So many times they were doing this for the first time after a messy divorce & having to start again essentially. They were scared & angry but felt really empowered after we went through it all. Some didn't know anything about council tax or how to find out who their water supplier was. And that's how it is sometimes isn't it?

I'm a regulated & authorised partner with UW, currently the best value for money in the UK. A very strong performing business on the London Stock Exchange I'm very happy there's no chance they are going bust any time soon. I was so glad I said yes to the opportunity after being made redundant, not only did it help me financially it brought me back to life.

As for me, I have really loved craft stamping for years,  my gift wrapping was often enthusiastically covered in stars, trees & sprigs and wrapped in beautiful ribbons & string.  I've used botanical stamping styles a lot in my designs & throughout the website.

I enjoy understanding how botanicals have particular meanings & how they reflect what I'm doing.

For example, the artichoke symbolises hope, peace & prosperity.

Rosemary has been used for millennia in herbal medicines to boost immunity & also represents love & happiness.

Sounds super calming, doesn't it?

I love cooking, eating, gin & tonics, the countryside, gardening, interior design bits, photography, the seaside, sailing, reading, exploring French towns & markets ... quite a lot really! How about you? 


Life is nature & has different seasons

It ebbs & flows, expands & contracts. 

As the late great Jim Rohn says; "that's just the way it is"


Maybe you're living solo for the first time, equally scared & excited. 

Maybe you're about to have a baby so your finances & life are going to be wildly different in the next couple of years.

Maybe you're saving up for your first home, or thinking ahead to retirement or maybe finally starting your own small business doing what you love.

*Budgeting is the heartbeat of your financial wellbeing

with kind permission from the lovely Anna of Wear Your Money Crown. I couldn't resist asking her if I could use such a perfect turn of phrase!

With love from Lucy x