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Illustrated Rosemary

My name is Lucy and I founded this small business in the Spring of 2021, metaphorically burned it all in October

and started again in November! 

I have really loved craft stamping for years but only recently rediscovered it. All my Christmas gift wrapping was enthusiastically covered in stars, trees & sprigs!  I've used botanical stamping styles a lot in my designs & throughout the website.

I enjoy understanding how botanicals have particular meanings & how they reflect what I'm doing.

For example, the artichoke symbolises hope, peace & prosperity.

Rosemary has been used for millennia in herbal medicines to boost immunity & also represents love & happiness. Add this to the fact I love the countryside & cooking and it's a good all-round approach! 

What a time we've all had these past two years, collectively tough, emotional and transformational.

How has your life shifted? 

For me, I now live with my boyfriend of 8 years (can't rush these things) and a rescue dog who make my life super untidy but wonderful. We're in rural Kent so watching the seasons change around us is reassuring & beautiful.


What we've been thinking & talking about lately is that money & time are both something we all want more of - mostly time.

 I don't want to keep driving and pushing so damn hard all the time do you?

Taking stock during this time has been a global conversation and for many of us, we want to evolve our lives in some way. 

It's not always easy to adjust to what's being thrown at you.

What do you want to do with your life? 

What adventures do you want to have? 

Being able to spend your money & time with purpose is my underlying ethos behind the budget planners & stationery pieces making it all just a bit prettier without compromising on space to write. Budgeting can of course be done on a plain notepad as mine was for years, but there are times in your life that require a different perspective.

Have you noticed how life has different seasons?

It ebbs & flows, expands & contracts. 

As the late great Jim Rohn says; "that's just the way it is"

Are you in an ebb or a flow season?


Maybe you're living on your own for the first time, equally scared & empowered. 

Maybe you're about to have a baby so your finances & life are going to be wildly different.

 Maybe you're saving up for your first home,  thinking ahead to retirement or maybe finally starting your own small business doing what you love.


Change takes courage 

A plan, a budget & some goals can be transformative & take you forward in your dreams more quickly than you thought possible. As we all know, if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!

Let's keep in touch - 2022 will be tough financially for most of us as our living costs are increasing exponentially - having a handle on our money has never been more important.

Whether we make do and mend or find new income streams it's good to take stock & move forward with your own purpose.

Lucy x

Illustrated Rosemary