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🪴 Thanks for stopping by, my name is Lucy & this guy is Justin - he's been my bf for the last 10 years & we recently got engaged 💍 Didn't want to rush things you know...!

We live in rural Kent with a rescue dog Apollo & a rescue farm cat Sebastian (she's a feisty girl, they thought she was a boy until she had kittens!) 

🪴I'm not a financial advisor but you may need one soon.

Let's get your basics right first & remember, the world is your lobster 🦞 

I believe that we can all be empowered to have a lovely lifestyle, whether you've got a lemonade or a champagne budget. 

It's just about knowing what you want and using your money better, taking a bit of a risk once in a while & working intelligently towards what is important. 

🪴 Financial & mental wellbeing are intrinsically linked & our cost of living crisis can exaggerate these areas so education, guidance & advice has never been more needed to prevent us from getting into financial & emotional trouble. 

🪴 I am regulated by OfCom & OfGem as a UW partner so if your household bills are leaving you gasping for air, please book in with me for a free review & I will work my magic on them. It's in my DNA to save you money! Book your free bill review

🪴 I am also a Financial Wellbeing Specialist in partnership with FinWELL so if a company employs you in the UK you might see me in your employee benefits toolkit at some stage delivering wellbeing group workshops and 121 guidance sessions on budgeting & money management. If you're a business owner or in HR/Employee Wellbeing you might just love what we're doing over there.

Please connect with me over on Linkedin

I also rather love cooking, over on social I'll often pop a picture of something I've made - I'm no Mary Berry or Nigella but I do love to eat well! 

It's probably the reason why I have got a few versions of meal planners I created, here's my favourite ⤵

Let's connect on social, links are below.

With love from

Lucy x

Our rescuees:
Sebastian & Apollo

"Budgeting is the heartbeat of your financial wellbeing"

is pinched with permission from Anna of Wear your Money Crown. Thanks Anna for the best description I never thought of.

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