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Let's get your money sorted

Empowering you to get where you want to go


Mentoring with me will be as soothing as it is uplifting

My seasons of life have had me wealthy & poor, confident & terrified & everything in between. 

As an HR manager for years I had formal coaching qualifications which I will be using to help you get the best out of yourself.

I don't judge you, I already empathise with your situation whatever it is - the beauty of having plenty of life experience means I probably get what you're going through & I only want to get you on a path of confidence & with a new life skill. 

Learning to swim, baking the perfect Vicky sponge & budgeting - are all life skills. It's just that looking after your hard earned money is rarely taught either in school or by your parents.

So here we are. Let's get you organised & away with a new skill & a budget that works for you.

In this session we will cover

I can't thank you enough!
You've made it simple to understand & I was so worried I would come away still being none the wiser. 

M Adams

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