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Evolve your Financial Wellbeing

Budgeting made beautifully simple
Personal Finance can be stressful ~ let's get the basics right.
Free 5-Step Checklist & other goodies
Spreadsheets, personal mentoring & courses later this year

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Budgeting is the heartbeat of your financial wellbeing

It is the process of forward planning & organising your hard-earned money so that it gets spent on the right stuff for you.


So why do half of us in the UK not do it?


Haven't got the time?

Don't see the point?

Don't know what you're doing?

It's complicated?


How it enriches your life:


Saves you money (11 million of us have less than £100 in savings and 1 in 6 have none*)

Reduces your worries over money (depending on which source you read ¾ of us are stressed about money & site it as our biggest cause of life stress this year)

Stabilises your home economics so that you can begin to imagine a life where you can invest for future you.

You're never alone.

Lucy x


*UK savings stats 2023


Inhale deeply & feel the chill on your cheeks
Find beauty in simplicity, in the baron landscape

Let's ease into it together, slowly decluttering our finances, untangling the complex
So we can start afresh & renew our spirits as well as our approach to earning, saving & spending money. 

You are busy. You haven't got time. You don't really know what you're doing when it comes to managing your money so you take more of a back seat than you would like.

If you had a step by step guide to follow, you'd know what to do
If you had a lovely spreadsheet to use that took you tab by tab so it wasn't complicated
If you had ebooks that challenged your thinking & helped to change your money mindset & talk about money with your loved ones


If you just had someone to talk to that would be your guide through making a lovely budget that suited your lifestyle & taught you how to be flexible to life's ebbs & flows. 

Come on in, you're very welcome here whether your income is £20k or £200k. You'll probably be living up to or even slightly over your means...

It's all good, we're in this together.

 Lucy x



When you want to get set up with small but meaningful financial goals & a budget that matches


you've no idea where to start or what you're doing.

Coming late 2024



Coming in this year sign up to be on the waiting list!

With an opportunity to grab it at half price when you enrol into the pilot program - come take a look!

Coming late 2024



When you're ready to dive into creating a budget, gorgeous spreadsheets will be ready late 2024

Grab this FREE checklist while you wait!

We didn't learn this stuff in school did we?

Creating a purposeful plan for your income can be really tough to put together.
Whether you're inexperienced, tried & failed previously or your life has evolved - it is my absolute pleasure to be supporting you in getting set up so that you keep going.

Get started with your free guide below

Learn some new skills from my free blogs & video tutorials

Buy your gorgeous toolkit - get going creating your masterplan

Don't struggle - let me mentor you so you've got someone on your side to make it all easier


free foundations guide

FREE Guide - Your Money Makeover

Step by step guide so that you can take your time & not get lost
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If you just don't know what you're doing & want someone to talk to


I feel so much better now I know what I'm doing. I definitely overcomplicated it for myself & the planning element has had a huge impact on me!

Thank you for being so lovely to work with, I never once felt judged for my overspending or feeling so incompetent with the maths

I can see the road ahead & the light is shining at the end. I've been so stressed over managing my money for years, now I can easily portion it out & have already opened another bank account so I can see where I am all month.

Which template could be your perfect fit?

Behind these tabs is a plethora (love that word) of useful resources & lessons...

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Business Meeting at a Cafe

80% of us are currently worrying about our financial wellbeing 

In a recent Yu Life / You Gov survey (you can access the report here) salaried employees in the UK are feeling the brunt of the cost of living crisis but we've not seen the year play out yet. 

Feeling in control starts with a good plan & a good budget that works around your lifestyle & life choices. 

There are many different methods & styles.

There is no "one size fits all" because managing your income, your family & your home is deeply personal.

I believe you shouldn't have to shoehorn yourself into a "style" or a "method" so instead I've thought carefully about the season of life you're in and

blended methods within the toolkits to suit.

Learn more with blogs, video tutorials & unravel some of your money mindset beliefs that are getting in the way of you being clearly & confidently in control.

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