Budgeting is the heartbeat of your financial wellbeing

There are many "methods" of budgeting but I believe it's always YOU first, the maths is second.

For me, stages of life dictate how to manage my money whether it's buying my first home, preparing for a family, starting a business, looking at retirement, planning a wedding or going solo...


There are many reasons why budgeting needs to sit with you and hold your hand as you move chapters & seasons in your life. You don't need to find the right method you need to find the right toolkit that meets you where you're at - and that's what I design so that you can have:

  1. All your fundamental home management things together in one place so that you know exactly what's going on & it's neither confusing nor a faff

  2. Be able to unearth where you're wasting money and make simple changes so that you stop

  3. Re-prioritise what's important to you so that you can confidently make the right spending decisions

  4. Feel confident opening up the money conversation with your loved ones so that you can create the lifestyle you want over the coming years, even if that means moving on alone

  5. Understand how your money ebbs & flows so that you never think  "ok well I've filled that planner in, what do I do now?"

We don't get taught this stuff, do we? 

You'll get lots of info, support & ideas on this website, you can sign up for weekly updates plus get daily nuggets shared on social media - please come on in 

Love from Lucy x

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Mrs H Tebay

I always get honest feedback that I can trust from Lucy and this page has really helped me with general areas of life with regards to budgeting and wellbeing.

It is a safe space to ask questions and there is something for anyone of any age to take away and learn from.

Definitely get in touch with Lucy as she really cares and wants to help people always with a smile. Keep up the good work Lucy x