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Your Life Map

Planning ahead can be confusing & overwhelming & most of us simply don't. 

At 35 who would have thought you needed to worry about wills or lasting powers of attorney (LPA) for older parents?

My friend Claire suddenly lost her dad to a short illness leaving her & her mum bereft. 

Her mum was in so much pain her health deteriorated rapidly & Claire found she had to take measures to get her specialist care.

 The will was old which meant there were some complications & Claire's mum's care was costing over £3000 a month. 

Her mum couldn't remember her bank card pin, didn't know any of the online banking details because her husband did it all & she was unable to get to her bank in person.

Despite face-timing her bank manager together, Claire wasn't allowed access to her mum's savings as she did not have an LPA whilst her mum had (temporarily) lost mental capacity. Because of her mental health, it was also too late to put one in place. 

You'll be glad to know this story has a happier ending, Claire's mum did recover & whilst she still lives in her new care home by choice, the financial plans put in place in the will means she can afford to.

Can you imagine the stress put upon a person, especially at that age who is also grieving? 

Have you got a large family? Are you in line for an inheritance?

Do you have Lasting Powers of Attorney for a loved one? 

Is your pension heading in the right direction for your modern retirement plan?

Do you ever think about your life map & how your extended & blended families might need you?

What do you need to consider - what is on your near & further afield radar? 

How much knowledge do you already have & what do you need to learn about? 

Take a look at my Life Map© to get your bearings. I created this just to get my own mind feeling organised as there's so much out there that I needed to brain dump. Many people told me how useful this was to them so here it is:

life map (1).png

5 Steps to create clarity for your financial wellbeing

Here are 5 areas of focus that will help you on your journey to better financial wellbeing. You're probably in a bit of all 5 areas with no idea what to do to move forward. Pick ONE for now to improve or gain further knowledge on:

  1. Fundamental money management. Having a budget you love to use, works well for you & you confidently flex it to suit shifts in lifestyle will create a great foundation you can build on it.
    Where do you want to be in a few year's time? Without a road map, you'll just keep on doing what you've always done & keep on getting what you always got. Want to make some shifts? Take a look here for a free tool to help you make decisions.

  2. Property. Are you buying your first home, buying a property to let, or looking to upsize or downsize? 

  3. Protecting what's important to you. From income to critical illness, LPA's & wills all form a protective bubble around you.

  4. Investing for future you. Are you making the most out of your workplace pension contributions? Have you started to invest? Are you getting a decent interest rate on your savings accounts?

  5. Modern retirement planning. Do you want to work until you're 70 or have the financial option to retire much earlier if you wanted to? Do you know how pensions work these days or are you going on an old conversation you once had? 

I deliver workplace workshops & one to one sessions for corporate employees, whose businesses have integrated much needed financial wellbeing strategies. 

I do this in partnership with FinWELL. You can see 2 short videos here. If you are an employer or within HR or Employee Wellbeing get in touch with me so we can chat about your options for offering these sessions to your teams.



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