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How do tiny people need so much stuff?

Little people soon become bigger people & one thing is for sure they cost more every year.

Childcare nightmare!

School uniforms & school trips.

Games, toys & new shoes

Laptops, iPhones & headphones - at this stage you don't see them much or hear more than "Ugh" until they need feeding for the 10th time today.

Or falling out over Mac lipgloss vs Rimmel because she refuses to understand the value of money. 

To Uni or not to Uni that is a question...

Depending on what bit of research you read, raising a child from birth to age 18 costs from £150k to £200k which can be in the region of £900 a month! 

Here is a fantastic article in The Times that links to resources for what you need to plan for when you're having a baby, maternity/paternity leave & cost cutting tips: The Times

And of course, there are dozens of fantastic support & education sites from Mumsnet to Money Helper.

Being a parent is tough
But remember
In your child's eyes
Nobody does it better than you

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Busy Families

If you need to have more of a deluxe version of managing your home finances this is as near as damn it perfect!

You can reveal or hide sections so that you can focus on completing one bit at a time without the distractions of loads of other numbers

A beautiful 28 page ebook serves as your guiding light with exercises to help you unravel where you are now and where you're going so you haven't got to keep starting again with your thought process after yet another "Muuuuuuum"

Separate tabs compartmentalize your brain so you can focus on monthly, quarterly & yearly bills. 

The Big Reveal summary tab shows your year at a glance on one page so you can keep long-term visibility, like a business cashflow. 

This is so motivating & you'll be empowered to make better daily spending decisions.


This also includes the best-selling meal planning toolkit so you can feed your crew using a planned approach & get the kids to chip in with their favourite recipes.

Landscape soft cover book 11x8,5 in the hands of a woman_Page 1_14 from 6 monthly printabl

Budgeting and Planning is a Registered Member of the GDPR Check & Verify Register. 

Simple Budgeting on Paper 

Spreadsheets are not everyones cup of tea so grab this printable version instead.

All the prompts you could wish for so you just fill in the blanks.


It's set up to create your own budget filter so you can see how much you have left each month after taking out each layer of your needs, savings, & then you've got your ta daaaaa result!

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Reduce your houshold bills

Eye rolling & groaning, it's that time of year again.

Yep, it's the day you spend on the phone to various retention departments saying, well bye then I'm off unless you can give me a deal that you give new customers!

This advice to haggle is a great one, but my god it's a ball ache isn't it?

I chose some years ago to pool my main bills into one account, with one login, one direct debit once a month.

They can give me fantastic discounts because they roll 4 services into one, one set of overheads not 4.  

I literally never have to have that conversation because they look after my account & ensure I'm always aware of any cheaper options I'd like to change to. 

How refreshing.

Book a free time slot with me to take a look at your bills & let's see what we can do to give you a much better price & an easier ride. 

Ongoing Financial Conversations

Getting a bit lost along the way is normal. These enormous shifts in your life seasons don't get the recognition they deserve I bet.

And what about you? Your partner & your relationship?

Are you heading in a direction you're happy with?

Financially you will need regular check ins with each other & the practicalities of running a busy household - it's like a small business! 

So these products & mini-tutorials might just fit the bill to help you do exactly this. 



13 Meal Planning Tips

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To plan or not to plan?


5 Relationship Lessons

Useful Tips & Extra Resources

Let's stay in touch!

Love from
Lucy x
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