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You are not "in debt" 
You "have some debt"

The times I told myself I was in debt I felt like I was being squelched & sucked into thick gloopy quicksand!

By changing my thinking to I have some debt - evolved how I handled it. 

I had a project to manage. That was all. It was a practical assignment that I would find the best solution for.

That meant I tackled it with a business head, not my emotional wreck one! 

What is your situation? 

How are you feeling?

We all borrow money, either from family or from an official lender. And we pay it all back. With varying degrees of interest on top. 

So it costs us money to borrow money.

Unlike savings that earn us money until we need to use it.

For some of us, it is a way of life. 

For others, it's a short-term means to an end.

Like getting a car loan, or a new sofa on a buy now pay later (BNPL)

Or even just popping an unexpected but essential expense onto your credit card.

Mortgages are the biggest loan we'll ever take on but unlike most other things, you invariably make money on your property so for me it feels different to other debts does it to you?

Life can hit you right in the guts sometimes & most people that call up for debt support with Step Change have suffered an unexpected financial blow. 

Often they've been struggling for months, even years & only seek help when they're in that quicksand & their mental health is at a low ebb. 


Don't leave it to fester for months or longer, you'll feel unwell with all that burden on your shoulders & there may be a simple solution you'd not considered. By talking to an expert like Step Change or The Money Charity, you can get proper support before it all gets out of hand.

The best thing that money can buy
freedom from worrying about money


~ unknown

essential freebie template
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Essentials Only Budget Template

I have various gorgeous templates but if you're in debt you are welcome to get your bearings with this specially formulated free template.

When you're up against it, compartmentalising your essential only spending feels less daunting than doing a budget for everything.


This simply shows you your survival budget.


Enter your income & any benefits you might receive, then enter how much you spend for each area. 

It's customizable & made in google sheets so you can use it on any device. It all adds up for you.

You can also just use it to guide you on a notepad & get your calculator out.


It works out for you how much you have left over after your "Can't live without" essentials.

This will clearly show you how much you have to be able to pay off more debt each month as well as have some money for nice things.

If there is very little left - seek help using the links in the resources below.


Useful Tips & Extra Resources

Further Reading

Over 75 Blogs to read, each in under 5 mins will keep you going on the budgeting train. 

Youtube channel also is growing in video tutorials & inspiration this year so please Subscribe. so that you get alerted to new ones

AND to reduce your bills lower than you're paying for them - there is a way! I'm dedicated to unravelling your unruly expensive bills as a regulated partner with UW. 

Better still, let's talk about how you can earn a few hundred extra a month by helping your friends to reduce their expenses.

Here is my Calendly link to book a call to learn more Let's chat 

And here is my personalised UW WEBSITE 

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Let's stay in touch!

Love from
Lucy x
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