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Monthly Budget Template - using the 50,30,20 budgeting principles

Monthly Budget Template - using the 50,30,20 budgeting principles


You will see exactly how much you have left to spend AFTER prioritising your essential outgoings & factoring in savings.


This is based on the principle of the 50/30/20 ratio 

50% of your household income is spent on your essentials (Needs)

30% on the things you want to spend (Wants)

20% on your savings & perhaps debt payments.


This is a guide - we are in a cost of living crisis so do not beat yourself up if you're way off the mark!


You will be able to see a subtotal after your essentials & the % of each is automatically worked out for you

You can then take that subtotal amount & allocate however much you want to savings. Again you'll see how much a % this is of your income. 

You might prefer to keep debt payments within the Need section - or add them into this section. 


Then you can clearly see how much money you have left to spend on the fun stuff!


When you're comfortable using this, I would strongly suggest you do one for the next 3-6 months so you can see a cashflow pattern.


If you prefer to see this on screen on the one page there are other gorgeous templates you can choose.


This is all customizable just be mindful all the formulas are created so that it's easy peasy for you to use. Change the wording, change the currency, change the colours if you like! 


Any questions, please get in touch!


Love from

Lucy x


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