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Simple Budgeting for Busy People - printable budget template

Simple Budgeting for Busy People - printable budget template


🪴 If you hate a spreadsheet this is your perfect solution.
🪴 Enjoy your ebook that will guide you step by step with loads of tips & inspiration. Printable pdf you can customise in Canva and use on a tablet with pdf editing apps. All links are clickable on the pdf.
🪴 Split beautifully into your income, your essential needs it filters into a "what's left"
🪴 From here you allocate some to saving & investing (if you want to) which then gives you a filtered "what's left" for the fun things, the gorgeous things you want to spend your money on.
🪴 And then yes you've guessed it, you have a final "what's left" otherwise known as your "bottom line" and this should be in the positive or super close to zero.
🪴 This easy filtering process helps you to prioritise what is most important so it cuts through the noise - you will have clarity for how much to portion to what.
I love completing this for one whole year as it makes a huge difference to zoom out for great visibility before zooming back in again. 


🪴 Short story:

About 13 years ago, I adored driving my old Land Rover Freelander.
It was costing me around £100 a week to commute to work in it & it was getting me down. (Diesel was about £1.04 a litre then)
My colleague suggested I get a cute brand new Fiat 500 instead but I thought there's no way I could afford that!

When we looked at my year's worth of expenses for the land rover, with fuel, repairs, servicing, huge road tax, AA, & insurance it was over £7000 a year.
A brand new Fiat 500 would be under £5000. Saving me £170 a month.

So you can see, looking at my money from a wider, yearly perspective, was a game changer for me.
It will be for you too.


🪴 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me.

Lucy x

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