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Budgeting for Beginners - Simple Google Spreadsheet and Workbook

Budgeting for Beginners - Simple Google Spreadsheet and Workbook

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Manage your money simply, with intentional spending & an eye on your whole year ahead.

The ebook will hold your hand through everything with 15 pages of support, templates & checklists. Print out what you want & view the rest on your iPad in iBooks or as a regular pdf on your phone or desktop.


It's so frustrating when each month there's always something that crops up & you hit your overdraft or grab your credit card again isn't it?

Learn how to plan ahead so that each month will feel more consistent & you'll be more in control. 


This can all take time to get right you're not alone.


What the ebook will teach you:

  1. Discover where you're at & how you feel
  2. Where are you going, what do you want iin the next few years or months?
  3. Create your own baby step
  4. Review your year so far or save this for next year
  5. Feeling disorganised? This checklist will give you loads of ideas how to keep your home admin in order so that it becomes really quick & easy to manage
  6. When are your expenses renewing, like insurances or mortgage? Keep a list to transfer onto your diary or calendar
  7. Take a one month challenge to see where your money is going
  8. List out your Needs vs your Wants - this can be an eye opener you'll argue with yourself!
  9. Use your savings tracker to log cash savings for your emergency fund & ISA's
  10. A step by step guide how to open, save & use your google sheets workbook.
    Your unique code to download is in your ebook
  11. Keep a simple spending tracker ongoing
  12. Now let's create your own portion control for your spending = your budget on the Google Sheets spreadsheet.


All formulas are done for you -so numbers will appear on the next page when you need them to


  • Your bar graph will visually show you the differences between your projected income (ideal for biweekly wages, including side businesses & benefits) vs your actual as you complete each month. 
  • It shows you the same for your expenses so you can be sure you know if you're over or under each month and for the whole year. This way you can do something about it before you get into trouble.
  • What's left over needs a job to do - this is Zero Based Budgeting perfect for you if you're new or need a fresh new style. 
  • Even if your income or expenses are complex this set up has you covered. 
  • Please feel free to contact me with your questions before you buy I want you to be happy!
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