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Top Money Saving Tips this week

If you love a bit of social media you may have noticed I've been showcasing some top tips to spend less - for the Winter and beyond.

This Christmas I think for so many of us, it's more about spending time with loved ones, making our homes cosy & pretty, delicious food & drinks & having a jolly nice time - as opposed to buying a ton of stuff.

What are your festive plans this year?

My blended family just keeps getting bigger.

It's my mums birthday on Christmas Eve so it's a long lunch at our local country pub, movies & chocolates in the evening in our PJ's.

4 or possibly 6 at ours for Christmas lunch. Then a trip to another family members house for more yumminess, drinks and no doubt lots of silliness with about 20 friends & family.

Boxing Day I think will be relaxed at home day & then we'll see after that.

We're meant to be going away to France on 27th right through to 4th Jan but with a 48 hour negative test required, I'm not sure any labs are open Christmas or Boxing day to do the testing! Might need a Plan B...

Anyway, we've all decided that only small gifts are being exchanged, my mum & I normally spoil each other but this year a few gorgeous treats will be perfect.

So what tips have I been sharing in the last week?

Quick round up:

1. Use draft excluders against doors

2. Pull blinds & curtains when it gets dark so that window drafts are minimised

3. Cover up keyholes with discs (try amazon)

4. Houses need ventilation so keep one vent open (new windows tend to have trickle vents) in some rooms that need it eg kitchens & bathrooms

5. Close doors to rooms you're not using & turn off or turn low on the radiator valves - only heat rooms you are using

6. Do you need to heat your kitchen?

7. Insulation in your loft - is it doing its job? We lose heat from our heads and our houses lose heat through the roof. Loft insulation is a woolly hat for your house!

8. Have a chat to me to see how else I could help you reduce your outgoings - I'm a bit of a dab hand at all things utility bill wise. It's not very exciting I know but when you're looking at life admin with a wider lens of your broadband, mobile, home insurances things start to look very different. And I always say, if I can't help you, I'll still always help you!

9. Meal Planning to reduce waste, stress & how you spend in the first place. I have created a FREE 6 step guide for beginners. Download it, print it, share it:

10. Gift Lists with budgets for each person - downloadable adorable pages you can print one per person if you like for your planners or put them on your pinboard in your home office?

Lots more to come this week including the cost difference in running a dishwasher vs washing up, ovens vs slow cookers & best cashback tips for your Christmas shopping so do please hop over to Facebook or Insta for more daily doings.

Oh and lastly, I was on the tellybox!!!!

Last Wednesday with a couple of hours notice, my friend had pulled out of her guest slot on Kent Business with KMTV. A local internet news channel dedicated to the people of Kent. Anyway, before I had time to even get nervous I found myself in the studio with the CEO of Halpern Charitable Foundations Dr David Stokes chatting about Christmas shopping and curries.

If you fancy watching it whilst cooking your tea here is the link:

Much love to you all

Lucy x

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