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Untangling your Household Bills

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

In a pickle with forgotten passwords, online only bills, paperwork everywhere?

No idea really what tariff you're on or how much it is - too busy to get into it?

Have a huge pile of paperwork in a cupboard from 1992?

Lovely, you're my kind of person!

It will not have escaped your attention but the UK energy market is a mess.

Of the 49 suppliers at the start of the year (from 75 a few years ago) we are likely to be down to 12 by Christmas.

12 energy suppliers left in the game.

Survival of the fittest?

There are plenty of tv and news reports about the why's and wherefore's and I've actually covered off most of these in previous blogs so I won't go over these here.

So what about you?

What pisses you off about dealing with all this stuff?

What problems can I solve for you in about 30 minutes?

I bet it's something like this:

  1. "It takes ages trawling through comparison sites and it all looks about the same to me / confusing with all the small print. I never really know if I'm getting the best deal" So comparison sites are all but gone for energy searches for the near future. How would you like a lovely person who is super knowledgeable take your proverbial hand for free, and show you some incredible, safe options?

  2. "I hate having to hang on the phone to speak to someone with my question, the hold music is making me want to cry". How about having the same lovely person be your personal resource for your questions with no rubbish hold music?

  3. "I hate having to haggle with my broadband packages / forget to haggle with my house insurance / who the hell do I call when I need a new boiler and they're so expensive" How about having one and the same company help you in all areas, with totally fair prices the same for everyone, zero haggling required and 20% off a new boiler with super fast installation?

  4. "My suppliers really need to help us more to spend less don't they realise we can't afford it all?" How about having a caring team ensure you are on the right track with your billing, give you a cashback card to save you money off every single thing you buy - and comes pre loaded with £50 as a welcome, warm home discounts, referral bonuses and special care for vulnerable people all taken care of?

  5. "My paperwork and online accounts are in such a state I don't even know where to start" How about (I think you're getting the picture here) ...

So, hello this is me on my facebook page video this morning explaining a bit more about how I can help.

My time with you is free

I will save you money

You cannot lose!

I could not upload a fresh thumbnail, no I am not sleeping...

And here are some more links to inspire, educate and thoroughly delight you with the goodness you can experience as a member of UW:




Thank you for reading - let's keep in touch?

Lucy Wallington


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