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I love food planning on a Saturday morning whilst watching James Martin for inspiration! 

Saturday night we might be going out or having dinner with friends so we don't plan that one. Sunday is usually either a roast in the winter or a BBQ most other times.

Then Monday to Thursday is easy - 4 dinners that we can then have on whatever night we fancy it rather than a rigid menu per night. Although you might love having that approach.

 Friday we leave to chance & grab something on the day, steak often hits the spot with lashings of vino. 

Knowing what other stuff is going on in advance helps the weekly plan, so if time is tight then you choose something super quick to suit the schedules. There's pretty much a jacket potato night in there somewhere but I do try to not get stuck in a food rut, it does help that I love cooking and love eating! 

Using leftovers is a brilliant thing to do when mixed in with your pantry essentials you've always got something to eat. 

Our freezer isn't very big but if I flat pack sauces in freezer bags then I can fit loads more in.

The big thing of course is to USE what you've frozen or you'll have some weird time warped stuff in there for many years to come!

It's amazing what you can freeze, pretty much most things can be frozen but do check online how to do this as there are many tips & tricks to doing it well. And never refreeze defrosted things.

6 steps to Meal Planning

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Have you tried food waste apps such as Too Good to Go or Olio?

Check out the Which? article Waste Not Want Not 

So, if you challenge yourself to cut down on the amount you spend on food, how do you ensure you still eat well and don't feel like you're depriving your family?

It might seem a bit overwhelming to start with, but getting in your groove with thinking about food, planning it out and shopping accordingly will help you spend less, stress less and eat better. What's not to love?

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