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Meal Planner& Food Diary

Meal Planner& Food Diary


Hangry after work & need to eat fast?

Stare at the contents of your cupboard & fridge and wonder what to rustle up?

I love watching James Martin on a Saturday morning with plenty of coffee and cook books getting inspiration for the week ahead. Jacket potatoes are always on there and thats fine!

If you don't fancy what you'd planned, who cares? Just pick something else off the list - it beats having to make yet another decision when you'd rather be at home than in the supermarket doesn't it?


I actually look forward to having dinner especially when I know what it is, I think mmmm cottage pie tonight

Fits beautifully in your planner and looks great on a kitchen cupboard door.

Space on the left for hole punching after you've printed it, you can look ahead for a few days or the whole week to plan out what you're having this week.


The other design just has a subtle change, it doesn't have the meal names so you can use each column for a person - particularly useful if they have special dietry requirements.


The Food diary is so useful if you're being more mindful of what you're eating. 

you can tick off your fruit & veg & water portions with your kids (Ha - I know I know here's hoping)


You might like to laminate this so as not to keep printing fresh copies or just use it when you've got friends & family to stay to keep you sane & organised. 

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