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Monthly & Weekly Meal Planning Toolkit - Ready to Print

Monthly & Weekly Meal Planning Toolkit - Ready to Print


When I'm hangry, I just need to eat don't you?

The thought of having to start making decisions & stand there cooking is just all too much sometimes!

Are you bored of eating the same things all the time?

Or worried that your budget needs to stretch a bit further?

Do you run out of food before your weekly shop?

Maybe you don't want a set menu plan in case plans change - keeping a flexible menu is lovely and at least you know you've got a great range of ingredients to make lots of variations.


With this toolkit, a bit of prep goes a looooong way.

  • Simply list out your favourite 10-15 recipes - those that take you 30 mins or so
  • Plus those quick throw together ones so that you can change tack when you need to.
  • When you are stuck for time, stuck for ideas,  having this monthly planner with 14 recipes repeated twice at the ready will soothe your stressed hangry soul. Use the ingredients list as the core inventory & shopping list.
  • Included is a pantry & freezer essentials list perfect for sticking to the inside of a cupboard. 
  • An example guide, shopping list and 2 gorgeous menu templates for those special evenings when you want to be a bit fancy.
  • There is also a weekly planner, Monday to Friday and a blank version so that you can decide which days to plan for and WHO to plan for if you don't want the usual Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner scenario.
  • PLUS a page dedicated to listing out allergens which can be a huge list for some people - you can't remember everything can you?

All customizable in canva you can use & print at your leisure.

  • Tech Specs

    This is a pdf download that will be available once payment has processed so you can enjoy it almost immediately!

    Nothing will be shipped to you. Thank you

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