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The E Factor

When price comparisons sites aren't even comparing energy prices anymore you know there is a problem. Another 35+ companies are likely to fail in the next few months leaving about 10 standing by Christmas, so is predicted.

That's a lot of job losses, a lot of customers in limbo but OfGem will ensure their smooth transition to a temporary home. No one could have imagined the fallout would have been this significant although we did know a perfect storm was brewing.

UK energy markets are changing by the day - Martin Lewis et al are doing a great job educating us as to why.

The best analogy I've heard recently is, it's like going on your annual holiday, turning up at the hotel you want to stay at, only assuming there will be room for you as you've not yet booked your stay. There might be room, there might not be and if there is it'll be five times the price.

So you don't need me to continue the fear factor there's enough of that right now, but I will offer instead a ray of hope & a damn great way to be smart about how you can reduce your bills now and forever without having to put on extra layers & huddle in one room.

There will be more information coming out I'm sure to help vulnerable people this winter. The £146 warm home discount hasn't changed in 9 years so watch this space...

Who do you know that is going to struggle?

5 ways I can offer you comfort & reassurance;

  1. Be with a company that is here for the long haul & looks after long term customers with great loyalty as well as warmly welcoming new customers. Many suppliers are simply on damage limitation & restricting any new customers coming on board. I can ensure you receive up to £200 to help pay early termination fees and you will have 30 days to change your mind instead of the usual 14. UW will be one of the last 10 companies standing if this does come to be, for two key reasons. Firstly the structure of the wholesale energy agreement means that the cost of the energy UW buys, is protected against pricing volatility. Secondly, UW is more than just an energy provider, having a unique multiservice offer generates a number of different revenue streams. This has always been the case and now this is the golden ticket for everyone.

  2. As a new customer and we are gladly bringing on hundreds of new customers every day, when you change your energy, broadband & a mobile sim card (£18 unlimited) you will save money compared to what you are paying now including any new notified increases. Even if you want to change just your broadband or just your energy that is just fine, I'm certain that with all the other lovely things UW help with you will be better off, but we won't know until we look! If you wont, then stay as you are, you've lost nothing by just being nosey.

  3. UW Visa card is superb at helping you budget & rewards you with what feels like, discounts every single time you shop anywhere in the UK. You will have all overseas exchange rates reimbursed. This card earns us around £280 a year off our energy account which is bloody huge! It's one of those things you wish you'd been using for years especially with Christmas shopping, usually, our January bills are halved or more. It's just about being open to a different way of managing your household finances & is so simple it puts zero extra strain on how you go about your daily life.

  4. Smart Meters continue to be the way forward for the energy industry despite some controversial opinions - UW installs them & credit you with £50 as a thank you. Yes, invariably we as customers do pay for them over time as these are included in the costing of our tariffs just like any company adds in their operational expenses to the product or service you buy. Gross profit > Net profit you know how it works. But as a customer I know I'm not funding an £80+ million annual advertising fund...

  5. When you feel the difference this positive people-centric company brings you will feel glad to refer them to your loved ones. For this, I can ensure you get up to £50 as a thank you for successful referrals.

I love to look after people whether they are customers or not, so if you know anyone who would like a chat please share this with them & suggest they call, text or get in touch via my website or Facebook.

All the best


t: 07595 922104



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