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MiniBlogs 3 - Home Economics

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Do you guess or do you know?

Do you know roughly how much you've got to spend this month and kind of get there?

Maybe you'll dig in a little deeper on that overdraft? Does it matter? It's only £50!

Maybe you sharply inhale when you check your account and think you'd better be a bit more careful this month?

Maybe you buy those cushions & new bedlinen anyway because you totally love beans on toast -that you'll be living off for the whole of next month.

(That was pretty much me as a first time homeowner)

This is totally normal and is the way of life for so many of us.

It's a kind of roller coaster ride, thrilling when you're up and enjoying a bit of a spend up and then a juddering halt when you realise that probably was a bit much & you feel a bit sick...

Does budgeting appeal to you or does it seem too regimented?

Does it sound horrifyingly scary a task to even start?

Do you feel like you're "really bad at maths" so you can't possibly work it all out?

Are you allergic to spreadsheets so avoid those bad boys like the plague?

Home Economics

What if you could have a simple set up?

(For those at school pre 1990's this was a "home economics" ecosystem that made sure you paid all your bills and cooked from scratch, meal planning all the way & no waste!)

This set up would enable you to feel super grown up and in charge of your money, not it being in charge of you.

(My teachers were terrifying for Home Ec were yours? Think they were ex matron's or ex military or something)

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Autumn 2022 and probably until Spring 2024 we are all going to be living in financially sticky times.

It doesn't matter what your budget barometer reads.

Portion control for your money is the exact same principle for Apple's CFO as it is for you.

It's not just for the poor, it's not just for the rich, it's for everyone so that you can create your best lifestyle by design, YOUR design.

This will help

Here are 5 done for you templates, some on excel some on google sheets and a printable

(it's being updated really soon & some new creations are on their way)

They are plug and play with lots of tips & guides in case you get stuck.

They each have an ebook, to get in your headspace which is where your love for looking after your money has to live.

If you need me I'm here for you. When you buy a template and need me to hold your hand you can book me for a complimentary chat:

Until next time

Love from

Lucy x

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