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MiniBlogs 4 - Your Bookkeeping System

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Where does the term Piggy Bank come from?

Pots of money or Piggy Banks came from the middle ages where before actual banks, people would drop spare coins into their kitchen pots, for each expense to be met, made of an orange coloured clay called pygg. Pygg Pots!

Today creating pots of money is the same principle for budgeting and some banks have this inbuilt into their online & app systems now.

If you're like me & had the same bank account since you were a teenager, or just want to be more in control "on paper", this tip is going to rock your world!!!

Your funnel Book Keeping System ©

I have just had coffee in my sunny garden when a moment of creativity struck.

I might just have to trademark it... google assures me it's not a thing yet...

Anyhoo, here it is:

A visual way of thinking about your needs & wants called Past, Present & Future.

Past contains all the things you have bought that you are still paying for

(except your mortgage simply because it's a long term commitment)

So, overdraft, credit cards, loans, car finance, student loans... Pop these into your filter machine, your funnel.

Present is for all the recurring monthly payments, mortgage, rent, bills, food, fuel, all the things you're using in the here and now. Layer these into your filter.

Future you in years to come. Savings ISA's, investments, pensions, premium bonds etc. is the last layer to pour into your filter machine.

What's created?

Once your money has filtered through, what you've created is your budget for things you WANT to enjoy.

It's your lovely cup of hot filtered coffee.

Want chocolate on top?

Repeat for the next 6 months so you capture all those pesky payments that happen every quarter or even annually like insurance renewals or car servicing.

What do you find?

That sometimes your pot of coffee is full, sometimes there's only an espresso cup.

This can be frustrating don't you think?

How about you have half a pot of coffee available every month?

This takes a bit of planning, but only in as much as you look ahead in future months to see where you can save a bit, so that your lean months even out.

Need a resource that will pretty much do this for you?

Love from

Lucy x

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