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MiniBlogs 9 - Where are you spending the most?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

This might be a really interesting perspective you've not considered before:

Budgeting Brackets - Do you have many expensive outgoings or lots of little ones?

What did you come up with?

The high hitters like your mortgage can't easily be changed to lower rates at least not frequently and rents tend to increase more than decrease!

Have you remortgaged recently and gone down a bracket, or are in the last few years of paying it off so are going at it hammer & tong to clear it before retirement?

Did you find it was the lower amounts, the more frequent payments that really stacked up therefore giving you the biggest opportunity to reduce?

Have you put in your diary when you need to look at renewals like car insurance, home insurance or healthcare policies?

Giving yourself several weeks lead time will prevent you from forgetting or being too late to reschedule to look, plus you'll likely get better rates as its apparently built into some of the web coding that the closer you are to your deadline the more likely it is for the prices to increase!

A bit like searching for a cheap flight, then looking the next day and it's suddenly 50% more expensive?

Check out this from Money Supermarket that suggests the best time is 15-29 days before your deadline

Did this give you food for thought? Maybe this freebie download will help you to think about your money goals, where you could reduce some of your expenses over time and how you could manoeuvre yourself into a better position to take a great leap of faith towards your lifestyle goals:

I'd love your comments below, likes & shares so that your friends & colleagues can enjoy these too.

Until next time

With love from

Lucy x

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