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What are your dreams?

You know, the things you really want, the things you really want to do, the places you really want to go to and not just because it sounds cool.

Do you even have dreams? Has the last year depleted them because they now seem so far away or has it lit a fire within you for "there's more to life than this".

In early 2018 I was listening to a fantastic Steve Harvey segment, the one where he chats away off piste to his audience whilst the stage team prep for the next bit. He talks about writing down a looooong list of what you want. Reading it every day, believing you already have these things - manifesting right?

I wrote my list, has some crazy things on there from owning a beautiful yacht so we can go sailing round the med, to buying a silk Hermès scarf.

But I also wrote, welcome new friends into my life, to not be afraid to begin a new chapter, oh and to buy a house in France, pah!

I have made some incredible new friendships in the last 2 years through networking and making the effort & time for conversations. When thinking about my business last year I wanted to do something that complimented it but didn't know what or how & started to doubt myself. In a 24 hour period last week that started off talking about blogging, I had a sudden vision & set up this website!

Oh and we complete next Friday on our new house, No 7 L'Abre (The Tree hence my logo) in South West France...

So maybe dreams can come true if you give them time, patience, and a bit of thought to make them a reality. The "how" comes to you in surprising ways.

Dreams can come true

Look at me babe I'm with you

You know you gotta have hope

You know you've got to be strong

(Thank you Des'ree )


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