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5 Relationship Lessons

Couples and money

I think I'd rather talk about nasal hair than talk about money.

It makes me feel so uncomfortable does it you?

All my life I've earned really well as a salaried employee, now I'm running my 1 year old business things look decidedly different.

So for the first time in my life I'm having to very begrudgingly / gratefully rely on my partner to support me.

I hate it.

But I'm glad for it otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this.

What's your situation?

We do talk about money, it's a quick conversation. Think an espresso sized chat ☕️

These short 5 lessons are for when you're just getting started with your next serious relationship move.

You could be in your twenties or your sixties it doesn't matter, the principles are the same.

Getting the ball rolling can be hard which is why starting with one of my ebooks can get you on the same page, literally, so that you can start to chat about what is important to you both whilst filling in the workbook - the distraction helps!

Then when you're ready you can complete your spreadsheet to plan out how the money will underpin your dreams, your couple goals, your next few years.

Doing this regularly, having a check in, can really help too.

Depending on how your partner responds to "can we have a chat?"

(cue eye rolling, sighing, cursing, panicking, trembling... )

I find a dog walk chat is a good one - not necessarily loads of eye contact, thinking time available, other things to divert a tough conversation & if there's people around it can't escalate!

I'd love to know in the comments, what do you find useful when chatting in your relationship about money?

Love from

Lucy x

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