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What's your life vision?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

My what I hear you cry?

Yes, you know, the dream of where are you going in life, what do you want to do, be, have?



It's amazing how many of us just don't know how to answer this one or stumble through the answer. Most of us are too busy working, looking after kids, partners, families, food shopping to give it much thought.

But, what if you did?

Give it some thought I mean.

Something strange happened to me about 3 years ago.

I caught an episode of Steve Harvey on YouTube as it just sort of appeared in my feed.

This one, about how we can so often get in our own way.

I love his style and his story so please do check him out. He's funny too, about getting your old car down off the blocks - it'll make sense when you listen.

So I watched another couple of his, like you do.

Here, he talks about how when you make a vision for your life it will transform it.

You might not be spiritual or have a faith of any kind, but if you've got faith in yourself listen anyway & take the practical elements out of it. If you haven't got time skip to the next bit below.

So here's the short version:

"You have not because you ask not"

Even if manifesting isn't for you maybe you believe & understand quantum physics where everything is energy?

Or Psychology:

Your thoughts create your feelings that create your actions, otherwise known as your cognitive triangle.

Most successful people have things written down, have a vision board of some kind.

A direction or creative idea to follow that has come from their thoughts, things they really want to achieve. They feel it in their bones & it excites & drives them.

Almost everything you touch comes from someone's idea...

Writing it down is an action in itself & is a way for your brain to recognise in the world around you what it is that you're looking for.

Like wanting a new car, a convertible mini for example. Everywhere you look you'll see convertible mini's because your brain is designed to show you from the millions of images & sounds hitting you everyday, what you are looking for.

This could get deep but not today!

So what about this asking business?

Here is what I did after watching that video:

Wrote down a list of 108 things that I really wanted. (Couldn't make Steve's recommended 300)

Made sure I was detailed & specific.

Kept writing. Added to it when I thought of things.

Little things, big things, impossible things but all things that mattered to me

I asked myself; what kind of house do I want?

What style, size, location?

Would I like to be a millionaire? Why?

What would I do with the money?

What car(s) would I love?

What do I want to be doing?

What would my perfect day look like?

So, make & read your list

Add to your list

Keep reading it - have it as your screensaver or bookmark and read it so that you breathe life into it. Every day just cast your eye over it. Know your list.

One year from today, check off anything that has happened, that has enabled you to achieve those things on your list.

So, I checked 7 things off mine in my first year or so, I called my list my "5 YEARS TO 50 PLAN"

1. Hand in my notice at work

2. Get a convertible mini

3. Move in with Justin & create a family home (after 20 years of living solo)

4. Start my own online business

5. Buy a big house in South West France with lots of lavender in the garden (I'll tell you about it another time but became a reality purely off the back of an unexpected opportunity)

6. Get my hair done in a gorgeous salon regularly so that my hair always looks swishy & beautifully cut (as opposed to the cheaper ones that just didn't do it quite right)

7. See my family & friends weekly (as the aforementioned retail career meant working every weekend & lots of evenings so I went ages without seeing them or being too tired to bother)

When you have a really good idea about what you want, even seemingly impossible things, and you write them down as a love note to yourself, and you think about them so that they are ingrained in you because they are important to your life, I'm telling you magic can happen.

Some planning, some active participation needs to be part of the magic, some taking risks & saying yes to slightly scary opportunities (I've sweated whilst being interviewed on Kent Radio & been on KMTV 3 times, guest speaking parts in two podcasts & as of 2 weeks ago, I'm now a Financial Wellbeing Specialist with FinWELL which was an opportunity that came TO ME and full of financial professionals)

And your budget (yes we finally get around to that) might need to flex or change completely to make way for what is to come - if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got right?

Something has to give before you realise another year has gone by and nothings changed. You're no further forward.

This is why each of my ebooks focus on you before the numbers - not in a heavy way I'm no therapist, but to prompt you to put up your proverbial periscope so that you take a good look around you.

Are you heading in your right direction?

Is your budget, your money plan, a reflection of where you want your life to go or is it just doing the do month in month out, spending the same in the same way, earning the same in the same way...?

I'd love your thoughts on this one... We are very likely to be in a recession again this year and it already feels like we are with the cost of living crisis evident everywhere you look. It's very easy to get caught up in this energy, the feeling of hopelessness or a sense of batten down the hatches survival mode kicks in.

Please don't do this to yourself, a year is a long time, and yet no time at all.

It costs nothing to dream & to create a spending plan that redirects you a little so they include some of these dreams even if they're way off in the distance.

That distance will come into view anyway, so why not start as you mean to go on?

Try this on for size in under 60 seconds:

Have a wonderful week

Love from

Lucy x

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