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Why is our mental health affected by our financial wellbeing?

All our wellbeing parts intersect & make us who we are in this moment. 

Mental | Social | Physical | Spiritual | Emotional | Environmental & Financial

These are defined as our pillars of wellbeing. 

There are tons of research papers that reveal how intrinsically linked our money worries are & how they have an impact on how we eat, how we sleep, how we interact at work & with friends. 

Mind is a wonderful resource that has a lot of articles & you can get incredible support within.

When we feel low, depressed, & worried about money it can be all-consuming.  Often the practicalities of which next step to take is clouded with emotions & there are heartbreaking stats on suicide being linked to depression & money problems. 

If we think about how the cost of living crisis is creating feelings of anxiety, especially in people who have never experienced this before we know that there could be serious trouble ahead. 

When you can't make ends meet, you will need some regulated intervention. StepChange is a great place to start as is good old Citizens Advice. 

I believe when I say I'm IN debt, I feel trapped. Like I'm pinned in quicksand & being sucked downwards...

When I say I HAVE some debt, it removes it from me. It's something I need to sort out. It's not a physical part of me.

That takes some pressure off. What do you think about this?  


If you're in need of some support, guidance & education the info below will be of great use but don't whatever you do, stick your head in the sand hoping it will all be ok. 

I hope that it will. But, what if you could get a serious grip on your finances now, so that in a years time when the clouds are parting revealing a more settled outlook, you are in great shape? 

Let's sort out a robust plan that flexes with you in all of life's seasonal changes.

If worrying about money is keeping you awake at night, making you feel irritable & reducing your overall daily productivity & energy it's definitely time to take action. Don't let it fester, like a toothache. That never has a happy ending!

A beautiful balance of support, guidance & practical actions will move you from where you are now to where you need to get to. 

Money is a tool.
It will take you wherever you wish
but it will not replace you as
the driver

-Ayn Rand

Useful Tips & Extra Resources

My guest speaking podcast with Jeanette - Menopause, Money & Life Planning
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Budgeting for Your Financial Wellbeing

🪴 Organisation is at the heart of this 30-page ebook that will teach you how to get set up & keep going with a budget.


🪴 Overspenders, emotional spenders, disorganised, disillusioned, under pressure, don't know where to start and it's-just-all-too-much people, step this way & I'll soothe your tired soul & empower you to love your new money management style.

🪴 Simply divide your outgoings into simple categories that are prioritised for you.

You can do it one bit at a time.

It will clear your confused mind.

🪴 The spreadsheet has lots of support if you need it. 

It really is just type your amounts in and it works it all out for you.

It's designed like a funnel.

Put your income at the top per month -as best you can

Your essential expenses as shown or customise 

Your daily living expenses

Your savings - split out so you can keep tabs on them

This funnel is now slimmer & shows you what is left over for your guilt free spending!

🪴 The beauty of planning months in advance, is to ensure all big expenses are planned out. The synching funds tab helps you to figure this out.

There is no point having your guilt free spending budget all worked out for you if you have a big expense coming up - you will have needed to have either saved some or probably just not have spent so much.

Further Reading

Over 75 Blogs to read, each in under 5 mins will keep you going on the budgeting train. 

Youtube channel also is growing in video tutorials & inspiration this year so please Subscribe.

AND to reduce your bills down lower than you're paying for them - there is a way! I'm dedicated to unravelling your unruly expensive bills as a regulated partner with UW let's take a look & see!

Here is my Calendly link to book a YOUR FREE BILL REVIEW 

And here is my personalised UW WEBSITE 


Get clarity & feel more at home


Chocolate Bites

How do I stick to a budget?

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10 Steps of Support

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