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David Breaker

Health, Weight Loss & Life Coach

I can help empower you to find the tools you need to achieve your goals. Whether you want a new career but have no idea where to start, would like to build a relationship but feel your confidence is holding you back, or are struggling to maintain the healthy lifestyle you know you need – let me help you to get clarity, and make confident decisions and the positive changes to your life that you deserve.

By working with you, side by side, I can help by creating a safe space so you can take a step back, identify solutions to your problems, and achieve lasting change.

David & I recorded our chat about meal planning - I love meal planning it excites me but then I love my food!

I have meal planning support here, it's as much about keeping healthy within your budget and not wasting food - we're all guilty of it so how can we get this down to a minimum?\

Download your free 6 Steps to Meal Planning guide on this page.

David Breaker
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