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The Ultimate Meal Planner - Printable Meal Planning Templates

The Ultimate Meal Planner - Printable Meal Planning Templates

  • No more stressing about how to meal plan, this kit has everything you need. 
  • Reduce how much you spend on your food shopping because you'll buy what you intend.
  • No hangry evening choices to make
  • You know what you SHOULD eat and you're fed up with oven ready meals & takeaways
  • Macro, Weekly & Monthly planning tools so you can pick & mix as it suits you
  • Choose your favourite 12-15 recipes to plan out your month in advance - in pencil things change!
  • Plan out your week ahead based on your family schedule 
  • List your recipes and where to find them - so you never wonder where you saw it!
  • Go shopping with your list separated into fresh & dry goods, drinks & miscellaneous so you get round the supermarket in order of the layout.
  • Keep a pantry, fridge & freezer inventory & have a few recipe tricks up your sleeve just in case you need to rustle up something out of nothing. Don't forget date rotation - use or freeze, never throw.
  • Keep a handle on how much you spend each week using the accountability or calendar tracker. PRO TIP: Highlight on your shop receipt what is home essentials, treats & toiletries for example. Add up each category - it takes literally 5 mins. You'll be amazed how much you spend in certain areas and it will help you to make better spending decsions each week.
  • Keep your home running like a slick cafe or restaurant - they budget & plan brilliantly. Hey if it works for them!
  • 10 budgeting tips included
  • 10 organisational tips included
  • A sample monthly planner included. 
  • Two gorgeous festive menu's
  • A festive shopping list
  • Happy eating!
  • Digital Download

    Nothing will be shipped to you, you'll receive a PDF download.

    Please save to your favourite files on your computer so you can access as many times as you like, and print them to your hearts content.

    Pretty but printer friendly, you won't need too much ink.

    I always prefer a good paper over 90gms to get a nice feel - when you know you know!

    This is set up for A4 printing so you can always print 2 pages per page for A5. 

    Thank you in advance.

    Lucy x

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