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Budgeting for our Busy Family - The Ultimate Spreadsheet to plan your lifestyle

Budgeting for our Busy Family - The Ultimate Spreadsheet to plan your lifestyle


This ultimate signature system will be inspiring for you to use for many years, just make a master copy & create a fresh one each year. 


As you're already the Chauffeur, Chef, Facilities Manager, Nurse, Director of education and VP of Operations, you might also like to be the Chief Financial Officer! (CFO)


Home economics running with more structure will make your life easier & when finances underpin much of what you do it's such a thrill when you're getting it right.

It will fill you with confidence that you're on the right track & it won't take long to maintain.

What do you get?

  • A beautiful 28 page ebook to serve as your guiding light with exercises to help you unravel where you are now and where you're going. Take a look at the video reel within images above for a flick through the whole book.
    Lists, journalling pages, inventories, meal planning kit, gift buying lists, quarterly money reviews and lots more, a step by step guide that you can do as much of or as little as you wish.
    It's yours to revisit whenever you like.
  • A beautiful (yes it's way prettier than I've seen) excel spreadsheet with 7 easy to follow, done for you tabs, so you only have to enter your numbers and it will work out all totals for you. 
  • This will give you absolute clarity to where you are now and how your year will pan out so that you're in the driving seat with cruise control on.
  • The summary shows your year at a glance on one page so you can keep a long term visibility of your family money planner - so motivating & you'll be empowered to make better daily spending decisions. It's all the little things that add up to a really big "where did that money go?"
  • Every page has lots of tips and support so you will feel comforted you are in your own safe hands but with me sitting at your kitchen table with you eating your biscuits & drinking your tea.
  • If you need support you are welcome to book a free 15 minute chat with me or join in on our social channels to ask your questions. 


This is completely customizable - if you want to minimise certain categories to streamline your viewing then you can with one click


If you want to call the items or categories different names or personalise them, thats all fine. 

It's designed to be the ultimate spreadsheet so has distinct categories, ideal if you're a big household & you need structure!


If you love this but need a more streamlined spreadsheet then look to the Budgeting for our Busy Family - Simplified System. That one is created on Google Sheets & whilst still offering structure it offers less categories & has a filtering system instead. 


As I always say having learned the hard way too many times, make a copy so you always have a master file that you only ever copy from. 

That way if somehow you get unglued you have a fresh workbook to start again. 

Pop any questions you have to me via the contact me form or pop up chat box. 


Love from

Lucy x


  • Tech Specs

    These files are zip files which will download as a pdf Ebook and an Excel Workbook.

    If you haven't got Excel it will work happily in Google Sheets although a couple of the pretty elements might not translate exactly.


  • Copyright and Refunds

    All information both written and images relating to this product are clear, & accurate. 

    If you have any questions before purchase please do ask me I'm more than happy to chat.

    I don't offer refunds because of the nature of digital downloads. 

    Cancelling digital downloads

    The Consumer Contracts Regulations contain specific provisions for digital content.

    Retailers mustn’t supply digital content, such as music or software downloads, within the 14 day cancellation period, unless the consumer has given their express consent to this happening. 

    The consumer must also acknowledge that once the download starts they will lose their right to cancel.

    If a consumer doesn’t give their consent, they have to wait until the cancellation period has ended before they can download the digital content.

    This is to ensure the digital content is what you want before downloading it. 

    For your convenience the digital product is yours immediately after purchase.

    If you have issues after purchase for example, a link isn't working or a formula isn't functioning, please contact me so that I can ensure that the product works as intended & advertised. 

    This entire product is subject to copyright ©

    No part of this ebook or accompanying spreadsheet may be reproduced, shared or copied without express permission from me in writing

    Thank you

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