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Budgeting for Your Financial Wellbeing - a soothing spreadsheet with ebook

Budgeting for Your Financial Wellbeing - a soothing spreadsheet with ebook

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Your financial wellbeing is intrinsically linked to your mental wellbeing, feeling stress and under pressure with money worries can cause all sorts of problems with your sleep, relationships, productivity at work and much more.

Let's create calm from the chaos of your money ebbing & flowing in & out of your life & bank accounts.

This will gently guide you by the hand, step by step so that you will soon see where you're at, help you create a plan to move forward & revolutionise your money management.


Organsiation is at the heart of this 30 page ebook that will teach you how to get set up & keep going with a budget that will fit you perfectly - even when life changes you can re-use this ebook and spreadsheet to underpin your new lifestyle. Or simply be your best friend throughout the cost of living crisis.


Overspenders, emotional spenders, disorganised, disillusioned, under pressure, don't know where to start and it's-just-all-too-much people, step this way & I'll soothe your tired soul & empower you to love your new money mangagment style.


Google Sheets is available free for everyone as a program so this ebook comes with very simple yet powerful spreadsheet where all the formulas are done for you.


You will see your 12 months in front of you and you will be able to simply adjust your actual expenses as you go - this way you will have a full year visual of your financial wellbeing - this cashflow style is going to be a game changer for you.

You will feel in control and be able to create a consistency like never before.


It is designed to act as a filter so if you never really know how much to assign to spending money, or feel guilty buying something, spend too much or have no idea what you're doing, this will show you how much you have available, every single month! 


NEEDS vs WANTS is the simplest way of managing your money so this whole toolkit has this philosophy at the core which means it has YOU at the core. What do YOU need, what do YOU want?


For budgetarians you'll love to know that this is set up to honour the 50,30,20 method ( but a personalised variation of this portion control style)

AND it works as a Zero Based Budget by default

It cares for your outstanding debts as well as building future you's dream lifestyle - however long that might take.


Getting your foundations right is the starting point for creating a healthy relationship with money, then you can move on up to seeking financial advice, getting a deeper understanding of wills and all that other stuff!

You'll be creating a Life Map© so you can see what is on your radar in the next few years and how you can bring those things into focus that is not in the least bit scary! 


  • Tech Specs

    This is a digital download of a PDF ebook which you can print or use on your tablet.

    You can also use as a prompt while you take notes in your favourite note book!

    The Google Sheets link is in the last page of the ebook so you can download and make a copy - in fact make two so you have a master and one to use.

    Any questions or queries please do ask - email or use contact us page

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