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Bargain Family Holidays 2022!

Updated: May 27, 2022


Holidaaaay, celebraaate (Madonna)

Going on a jolly



Whatever you call it we all love our holidays. What's your favourite place?

This year & into next is going to be tough, sting a bit, hurt like hell and everywhere in between. Economically we're in a pickle in the UK and wages aren't on the whole, worth as much as they were a year & more ago whilst outgoings have rocketed.

I do talk a lot about this over on social media especially in my private fb group so please do hop on over & join in the chat and the regular tips to help stretch your money further.

Likewise if you've not signed up to my newsletters yet please do especially if you get lost in social media world, you'll not see the good stuff so let it come to you! There's a few goodies to be had as well so here's a link to get you started:

Alison Kent from Travel Counsellors has been traveling the world since 1979 & she has some fabulous knowledge, insider tips and personal experiences that makes her an ideal person to speak to when booking something. If you're able to book a little or a large trip away this year and are looking for a bargain she's your person!

She's based in South London but helps her clients all over the UK and in fact the world as she has regular clients from the USA and Australia!

We just explored over 3 live videos on my private facebook group, 3 kinds of trips available this & next year.

This blog, the first in a series of 3 talks about current pricing in the range of £350-£800 per person.

Here's the 19 min video to see if you like the sound of it all with the summary underneath:

So the summary of our chat is as follows

Each includes baggage & transfers. Based on 2 people but can be reworked for solo and families:

  • £350 pp one week in Bulgaria near the beach self catering

  • £400 pp one week all inclusive in Bulgaria. Your money goes a long way in Bulgaria

  • £350 pp Kos self catering in a studio ( I love Greece)

  • £384 pp self catering Corfu

  • £414 pp self catering Crete flying into Heraklion

  • £494pp B&B in Croatia, flying into Split

  • £550 pp Montenegro B&B

  • £657 pp Rhodes all inclusive!!!

These were from end of June and as schools break up these go up again as you well know!

End of September you're looking at similar prices if not cheaper & it's still lovely & hot.

The mediterranean areas such as Greece & Turkey are desperate to welcome holiday makers back especially as their seasons are invariably April to end of Sept.

Late bookings as in 8 weeks before departure payment will need to be made in full

Travel Counsellors have a My TC app

When you book with them which allows you to make payments as you want to for any bookings you have.

Fantastic if you're going with a big group of you where someone always ends up the administrator and needs an extra holiday to get over the stress of it all!!

Each person or couple gets their own log in to a group booking and can make their own payments and responsible for doing so.

If you can't afford to go away this year then let Alison have a look for you for next year.

There are lots of child free places available unlike this year where availability was snapped up last year.

This means you've got 14 months from now to make payments towards your holiday for next Summer!

As an example then, a family of 4 going for 2 weeks to maybe Greece costing £3000 can put aside around £215 a month. Or with the app, put £200 in some months, £300 in on others and leave Christmas with no payments!

Alison understands it all do not feel embarrassed to ask her about holidays on the leaner side of a budget. (She doesn't charge you to do any of this by the way)

If you don't know where you want to go, but have a rough idea of what's important to you Alison can made tons of suggestions.

All quotes will be sent to you with photos and itinerary so you can see them side by side and compare & choose.

Alison can do some really cool stuff too, and make some great suggestions. For example we have a mutual friend who is travelling alone for a liberating break away & is taking a few days in Athens doing cultural activities before taking the next week on an island for full on relaxing.

She has organised for a couple of guys going to Madrid for a few days. She has organised a couple of mopeds to be delivered to the hotel so they can go whizzing around the city!

With Travel Counsellors they put people at the heart of everything they do - as do I.

Do join in our Facebook group where I share lots of content & encourage others to ask Q and share tips that they have too.

Bye for now!

Love from

Lucy x


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