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The biggest loan you will ever take out for yourself is a mortgage.

The relationship between estate agents, solicitors and mortgage advisors / brokers is key to your sanity over this stressful but exciting period of your life.

As part of my life map & planning ahead services, I am going to be introducing you to some wonderful people that I call colleagues & friends. If you would like to be referred to them I will gladly, simply & securely do that for you. Please use the contact form.

Please meet...

Holly Lulu-Bettles

Holly is one of those wonderfully tenacious, is on your side all the way, mortgage brokers you wish you knew. Well let me introduce you to her via our video selection we created Spring 2021.

Her advise is superb and if you would like to be referred to her please get in touch with me 

Chris Prior

Life begins after 55

Chris has been in the finance industry for over 40 years and just happens to be a ruddy nice chap!

He brilliantly explains how you could look at releasing some of your equity in your property as an option.

Depending on what you need this is a great way of securing some money now with more reserved for future (not paying interest on the "reserved pot") 

So if you wanted to pay for your daughters wedding next year, then a couple of years later have a brand new kitchen you could! 

The information Chris will give you will be dependent on your specific situation so please have a listen to our video and get in touch with him if you'd like to explore further, either through me or directly:

Blue House Equity Release

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