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tablet with keyboard and person holding apple pen to use on the decluttering workbook

Financial Decluttering Made Clear - Step by Step Guide


You just want to know what to do, simply and in bite-sized pieces to calm your overwhelm. 

Time is precious & you hate this stuff anyway. 


Because you have too many receipts, bills & statements with no time to go through all of them, you can't even begin to create a budget & your lack of proper money management has now become quite stressful.

You feel like you're losing it because you can't keep up.


This is how to do a Financial Declutter in a step-by-step guide. 


Following this to organise your life admin, you can get bits done in small nuggets of time & feel like you're finally getting somewhere!


You are going to have:


  1. A monthly checklist you rinse & repeat so even with distractions you’ll be able to keep your head on straight when it comes to checking bank accounts & organising renewals. 
  2. You are going to see how decluttering is so calming for your mental health, clarity over chaos!
    Even if your life admin has become a neglected mess, you will be able to sort it out.
  3. You are going to open your eyes to “what’s out there” and decide what is on your near radar to sort out. Like making a Will or discussing your Pensions... I know, it's not the most fun but you will be so bloody glad you did.
  4. You’re going to think, really think & talk to your loved ones about where you’re at.
    Understand how you got there & how you feel about it. 
    Decide what you want to be different, how you want your life to evolve & how to make little changes.
  5. The Declutter ~ Whilst it is a declutter in the sense that it helps you to rid yourself of unnecessary or joyless expenses, it also serves as an audit you can do every year. 

    Lots of great tips throughout
    Plus extra resources you can click through to so your workload is minimised ~ your confidence will get a much needed boost & you'll feel liberated that you've finally got on top of your finances. 

    If you have any questions you can email me: or hop over to your favourite social media to message me directly.
    Links to accounts are in the footer of each web page. 

Lucy x

  • Tech Specs

    This ebook will download in a pdf format.

    There are links within the pdf that will take you to further resources

    You can view this on your tablet, your computer or you can print it. 

    You can view on your phone but of course, the small screen makes it a bit difficult but not impossible. 

    It was made in A4 UK size and customizable to fit most other page sizes providing you have the right printer and PDF converting app if required. There are loads of free ones. 

    Any questions please contact us

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