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Budgeting for First Time Home Buyers - Excel Spreadsheet & ebook planner

Budgeting for First Time Home Buyers - Excel Spreadsheet & ebook planner


You really want to buy your first home, so much so you can taste it!

You can see exactly how it looks, you've probably got a mood board on pinterest?


But where do you start with the whole process? 

How does it all work?

What do you need to know?

How can you plan the whole process so you know what you need to do, how much you're going to need to pay out for and who you need to involve?


This 23 page ebook guides you through the whole process with plenty of space for note taking, to do lists & timelining out your months & years ahead so that you feel more confident & in control.


How do you prepare yourselves for the mortgage advisor appointment?

How do you showcase your affordability in the best light possible so that you can get a good choice of mortgages to buy your dream first home?


From being at home to being in your home more simply than you think - although it's going to take some time.

The excel workbook takes you through step by step so that you can prove your trustworthiness to lenders and so that you can plan ahead for your first year in your new home and beyond. 

Rinse & repeat this will be your planner for years to come - it will grow with you.


Worried about using a spreadsheet? 

There's so many tips & support on each page plus you can always message me through social media or email with your questions. There's a 4 min tutorial video on this page and you can see how intuitive & simple it is to enter your figures.


Don't know where to start when it comes to your bills, what to expect, how to set them up?


No problem book in with me & I'll show you how to do it all


Customizable, you can change the months to wherever you're starting from and change the names of your accounts and what you call your expenses. 


Get into the mindset of working out your money regularly and ensure you make the best decisions for your life goals.

Hop over to social channels & tell me how you get on! 


  • Digital Download

    Your ebook and excel workbook are both digital downloads available immediately.

    Nothing physical will ship to you.


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