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Yoga for migraines & budgeting for busy families - what have these got in common?

Some years ago I found Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and was hooked on her gorgeous style of yoga all perfectly suited to something.

I have practiced her yoga for migraines many, many times. She has yoga for anxiety, for travelling, for sciatica, for cosy Sundays, for heartbreak and for about 1000 other ways we feel. It's all yoga yes, but it has a special quality when she has put together something special for something you need.

She gets how you feel, has total empathy in that situation and understands the power of how your emotions can surprisingly bubble up after a sequence of moves and when you're holding back tears it's like she's right beside you and say's it's ok to let go.

She also has a perfectly timed look to camera with a "heyyoo" when she's said something that could be a bit cheeky and giggles when she thinks of a song lyric and sings it to you!

And of course Benji, her gorgeous dog joins in on most sessions somewhere on camera looking adorable.

It makes perfect sense to me, to choose a practice based on what I'm feeling, on what I need on that given day.

So budgeting for something made sense to me too.

Budgeting for beginners looks different to budgeting for retirement. Budgeting for first time buyers looks different to budgeting for a micro business.

If numbers aren't your thing, if spreadsheets aren't your thing that's ok because like yoga it's all about a practice.

A discipline.

A choice.

A lifestyle.

And that's why I designed matching ebooks with each planner so that you can work through where you are now, and to use an Adriene phrase, you can "find what feels good".

I want everyone to feel good using these planners which is why they are a bit more stylish than what you would normally see, really useful & time saving without having too many bells & whistles.

So if you're too busy, find it's too complicated, don't know where to start and just want it done for you then come on over to have a look at what will suit you.

There are several more in the pipeline to be launched soon so please stay tuned - perhaps sign up for my 8 week free program that will help you to recognise fully where you are now and where you want to be moving forward?

Full of tips, guides & templates you can take a bite sized approach every week over a nice coffee.

The link is here please click to read more > >

This is my version of Benji, his name is Apollo and even his new teddy would not disrupt his practice this morning!

A smelly wet dog is not the ideal yoga partner especially when you've only half a mat to lie on.

Have a lovely week

Lucy x

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