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Value for money family holidays 2022

Part 2 of our chat, Alison created a lovely list of current destinations you can book with her in the £800 to £1200 pp bracket. They are mostly all inclusive too so great value for money.

Prices obviously do fluctuate so when you want to chat to her, or another Travel Counsellor if you have a friend who is a seasoned expert, you will find the prices & choices will be slightly different.

However, if you've set your heart on a set budget then she will magically find you something you'll love for that.

So, kids clubs (age 4+), swimming pools, family of 4, all inclusive 3-4* hotels, 23kg luggage EACH, flights and transfers:

  1. £3936 for a family of 4 to Tenerife 10 nights

  2. Corfu £3664 for 7 nights, £4558 for 10 nights

  3. Turkey £3889 7 nights in Marmaris (gorgeous) £4390 for 10 nights

  4. Fuerteventura October half term A REAL GEM 7 nights £2030!!! That's £500 pp

  5. Sharm El Sheik is back on the radar beautiful weather, beautiful pools, half term 7 nights all inclusive £3050 for 4


  1. Cape Verde early Dec £1165 pp 7 nights all inclusive

  2. Dubai, 4*hotel 2 adults, all inclusive £3445!!! Drinks in Dubai are so expensive, around £12 for a glass of wine so having all inclusive is superb.

Just leaving this here for a bit of blue sea inspiration...


Book your travel insurance at the same time as booking your holiday otherwise they may not pay you out if it's cancelled! I did not know that did you?

Annual policies are fine.

Ensure you have Covid cover just in case you need to cancel, come home on a different date or need repatriation or hospital care.

Repatriation can cost £20k+ depending on where you are in the world, on top of the shock of losing your loved one.

ATOL Protection:

What is this?

It means your money is protected. So if Alison books you on a Jet2 holiday or any other tour operator you will have your holiday transferred or a full refund.

If you book pieces of your holiday in a more bespoke way with Alison and the airline for example went into bankruptcy with no tour operators involved, your money is still protected.

Budgeting with all inclusive:

Picture the scene, you're relaxing on the beach and it's "can I have an ice cream, muuuuuum, can I have a drink" you know it. When it's all covered they can have as many as you'll let them consume without having to worry about the cost.

These days it's not all about "the buffet" with all inclusive, nor your choice of drinks limited to the local only table wines & cheap gin *insert sucking a lemon face & heartburn*

Next year magical trip:

How about a real experience you'll likely only do once, taking the kids next Christmas to Lapland?

From the minute you land you're looking for Santa!

2 adults, 2 kids £5150 which is a lot but everything is there. Santa visits, huskies, snowmobiling, and you've got about 17 months from now to pay for it.

Women or men travelling solo:

It is doable, it is liberating & there are many destinations that you will feel safe. Alison has been to lots of places alone, for business & for pleasure.

She said she was out in Tehran at midnight and felt safer there than walking around Woolwich (south London)!

Please do email her to have a phone call chat about this and she will help you put something together. Click on the picture below:

Love from

Lucy x

PS don't forget the family holiday organiser - it's only £4.99 & will help you enormously take the strain out of coordinating everything:

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