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Top 10 ways to create your perfect budgeting foundation

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

There's a freebie waiting for you at the bottom so that you can get crackalacking on your own foundations.

Here are my top 10 - choose the ones that resonate most with you:

What are you working towards?

What's important to you in the near or distant future that you are aiming for? Just want to get organised - great, then what do you want after that? Want to pay off your overdraft - great then how to not get in it again? (best will in the world) Want to save up for something gorgeous like a holiday? Such a great motivator always works for me! Want to make the most out of your ISA allowance - such a great idea - what are you planning on doing with your savings? Starting with the end in mind gives you a destination so that you can point your car in the right direction. And it's an absolute must that you revisit your plan when you're struggling to stay motivated or when you've achieved it and need a new plan.

Don't restrict yourself too tightly - unless you absolutely have to

Having a cash-flow forecast for 12 months visibility, means you can get your game face on!

We all know this year is going to hurt a bit - but for you how much?

You might have heard about creating an emergency fund?

Do you feel a bit tearful when it's someone's expensive birthday or Christmas is approaching really fast?

Money money money - how do you feel about it?

Your relationship and money

Keep it simple and in tune with your style

One thing I love about being organised is mid month, knowing exactly how much I've got left to spend.

A separate account sorts this out nicely so your main account just is the direct debit account, money in, money out, it does it's thang. My separate account means I can see on my app exactly what I've got to the penny with zero "I wonder if the water bill came out yet" questions. I also make my money work for me so the account I use is actually a UW cashback card (not an actual account but a preloaded mastercard) where my budget magically transfers onto it each month and I get cashback literally everywhere I spend money. Spending money earns me money - how can you not love that? Ben explains more in 63 seconds here:

So don't forget to book in with me if you fancy a nice chat about your bills - I mean it's a thrilling conversation! At least it will be if I can save you a few hundred every year which is entirely likely!

Then you can put that in your emergency / handbag savings pot

Lots of love

Lucy xx

Ok here's the freebie I told you about!!!

Click on the link above and the gorgeous ebook will be available to download in seconds.

Enjoy & do tell me what you think?

You can see all the freebies on the freebie page


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