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NEW MiniBlog Series 1 - Taking Stock

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Whilst most of my blogs are around the 7 minute mark to read, sometimes that seems just too much doesn't it?!

I've looked at others and whilst I know they'll be fabulous, I just sigh and slump a bit, thinking I haven't got time.

So here is my mini blog series with one small suggestion, one tip in detail that you can read in 3-4 mins and take action on it if it resonates!

Guaranteed to reveal where you've got leaks in your money bucket - does that sound weird?

Tip 1

Taking stock.

Your bank accounts are as revealing to your budget as your fridge contents are to your slightly too tight jeans...

Business owners will regularly check their accounts to ensure invoices have been paid in, payroll has gone out, taxes have been settled, because they can't afford not to.

Why not transfer that methodology to your personal accounts?

If you and your bank account are distant friends, it's time to make a pot of coffee and settle down for 30 minutes with your banking apps open ready to go through each in & out.

Maybe for the last 6 months or more - just to see the patterns forming.

Any problem areas?

Any outgoings that made you gasp "shit I thought I cancelled that"?

How much is in your main account right before pay day most months?

Are you self employed with inconsistent income but have very consistent expenses that are preventing you from planning your budget?

My ironing pile is overwhelmingly huge, it's half way to touching the ceiling in my cupboard resembling the leaning tower of Pisa. I'm running out of clothes & excuses. Each time it gets like this I swear I'm going to do it once a week...

Clearly if it were a weekly habit like cleaning my bathroom, it wouldn't be that bad & I'd whip through it whilst watching James Martin - after I've done my meal planning with him obvs. Then I'd have freshly ironed clothes all beautifully organised in my colour coded wardrobe...

Now it's going to take all episodes of Sanditon, not that I mind but someone else in the house will curse & mope around so adding to the stress & steam and my whole wardrobe is just a mess. It feels like a mammoth task & so I continue to put it off.

So, when are you going to create a 30 minute date with your money to do a stock take?

Give it a bash and you'll be soooo glad you did.


Come & do my ironing & I'll do your banking!!!

Until next time

Love from

Lucy x

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