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How to work out your gas & electric bills in 2022

I know I feel you - what the hell is going on?

It's a mess and it's been brewing for months - let's have a look at how you can let the noise fade into the background and get on with figuring out how much your bills are likely to be.

Grab your latest bill, it might be an older one simply because you're caught up in the mess of being in limbo between suppliers & you've not had a new bill. Just do your best with what information you've got.

See how many units your supplier estimates you will be using for the next 12 months based upon your last 12 months use - normally on the second page in a coloured section - and you will be able to see roughly how much you are going to need to budget for from April 2022.

So if your electricity usage is 4000 units a year that's 4000 x 28p = £1120. Add your standing charge 45p a day x 365 = £164 So your electricity bill will likely be £1284.

Divide that by 12 and your monthly payments are around £107.

Ok so far? I've rounded up / down the pence per unit & day rates just for easy calculations.

Gas, let's say you're using 14000 units a year. 14000 x 7p = £980 Plus standing charge at 27p a day x 365 = £99 so a total £1079

Gas monthly charges around £90.

So your energy bill in this scenario is looking in the region of £2363 per year, £197 a month.

The energy price cap is a top price you will pay per unit of energy used. Use less, pay less & better for the environment.

Please have a chat to me so I can see what I can do as I'm a regulated & registered UW partner. If I can't help you create a better package than what you've got then at least we've tried!

Because I can put telecoms energy & insurances like boiler cover, income protection & home insurance in a pick n' mix bespoke pack with you, you choose all the bits you want to explore we can do as many scenarios as you like, you will collectively save money - that I can absolutely guarantee.

My UW website is here I am regulated by OfCom and OfGem & I will help you with an holistic look at your bills.


If you do want to and then you change your mind you've got 30 days to move away again penalty free.

There are so many brilliant reasons for becoming a customer, my mum was a customer before me and I was adamant the partner (who was a work colleague) couldn't save me anything as I was soooooo on it - as you can imagine.

But he did, 4 years ago he saved me £30 a month.

And he mentored me to become a partner so I could earn around my full time job - a god send really having a second income stream. Earning money, saving others money - Thanks Roy x

ps. I can show you in about 8 minutes how all the services work together so when we look at your bills it makes sense we've got all the info to play with.

If you've got your bills all organised we can have it all done within 30 mins. I know how much of a ball ache it can be doing all this so I am super respectful of your time & will only chit chat if you want to!

I've built a buffer time around this so if you need longer we'll take as long as you need - it's still free.

If your bills are as badly tangled as my necklace box - fantastic I love a challenge!


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