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Help! I've missed a few mortgage payments - what can I do?

Coming off a fixed-rate mortgage this year is going to feel stressful as you’ll be paying significantly more than you have been & if you've missed a few mortgage payments like so many people have, you're probably feeling anxious about it & in need of help.

Forward planning your budget is your game changer - for a fill-in-the-blanks template, discover what you need here at

This enables you to look ahead for the next year, change your outgoings to your anticipated changes so that you can see how your spending budget changes. It can visualise it for you & you can make some perhaps tougher decisions today that will keep you afloat for longer when it looks a bit tough down the line.

Businesses use cashflow planning all the time for the same reason.

You deserve to feel confident & in control with your personal finances, you work hard enough don't you?

Having a plan will enable you to be in the best possible place & you’ll feel so glad you took action sooner rather than later.

From worrying & doing nothing to finding out your options & moving forward.

These 10 blogs & video series tackles most of our remortgaging woes, one at a time.

For the full list see below.

But for now, let's dive into the common problem - having missed payments.

Have you got consistent payments for the last 6 months?

If yes there are options for remortgaging to explore. In these situations it's possible that if you need to move lenders, you might have to pay a slightly higher interest rate for a short term.

If this makes it less affordable then another option is to look at increasing the length of the term so that it brings the repayments more in line with your budget.

There are lenders who are more sympathetic to credit blips & you can explore a high street option after 2 years when things have changed for you.

Or maybe your current lender can work with you to arrange for you to stay on with them on a more affordable basis? Pick up that phone & just ask - or ask your mortgage advisor to help you I know it's not always easy to do, your confidence might have taken a battering along the way as well.

Feeling ashamed, embarrassed, tearful & fearful because you feel like you've got yourself in a financial state?

You're not alone & most mortgage advisors & lenders understand this situation completely & will help you with zero judgement. Just because they are the finance pro's doesn't mean they don't have overdrafts you know...

It's real life, the worst thing is not to take any action - don't suffer in silence & let it fester.

No lender wants to be repossessing they want you to stay a customer & stay in your home all the while it's financially viable for you.

There are also potentially Interest Only options for a short term solution - I've utilised this option twice in my life & it got me out of a fix I can tell you!

Financial Advice including mortgages must be with a person or company that is FCA Regulated.

Please check that they are before you engage with them.

And always note that your home may be repossessed if you don't keep up with the mortgage repayments.

If you are in financial difficulty, again you are most certainly not alone.

Here are 3 places you can use to get support - they are all lovely & will look after you.

Here is the video of mine & Donna's conversation - her details are at the end you're more than welcome to connect with her as an FCA Accredited Mortgage Advisor & will ensure you are looked after with tailored advice specific to your needs.

Here is the full list of our 10 Video Series - be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel & hit the notification bell so that you know when the next one goes live!

N° 1 - What can you do if you have missed some payments over the last couple of years of either your mortgage or credit card?

N° 2 - What is your Credit Report, how do you access it & what information does it give you? When you find out this information what can you do with it, and how can you improve it?

N° 3 - What’s the maximum term of a mortgage & how can pension income & benefits affect your mortgage-ability?

N° 4 - Feelings of shame, embarrassment & financial insecurity. You’re not alone!

N° 5 - What are the top 5 most FAQs with remortgages?

N° 6 - Energy Efficient Properties - how do these impact on mortgages?

N° 7 - My circumstances have changed since I last took out my fixed mortgage, I’m now earning less & I’m distraught. Will I lose my home?

N° 8 - What happens if my partner has to come off our joint mortgage?

N° 9 - Fixed Rate coming to an end - how to work out what lies ahead?

N° 10 - How does the base rate affect your mortgage & understanding fixed vs variable rates this year

Take care, love from

Lucy x


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