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Financial Wellbeing - Part 4

So here we are at part 4, how to create your own goals.

As a reminder here are the 5 main elements on your journey:

  1. Foundations

  2. Property Ladder

  3. Protecting what's important

  4. Investing for future you

  5. Modern Retirement Planning

Where are you at? If you've not read or watched the video's for part 1-3 I might suggest you do. The Blogs will be right next to this one on the main page and all videos are on my Youtube channel.

Here's a visual that you might find useful to give you a flavour of what's out there to put on your radar at the most appropriate time:

There can be a lot to consider, a lot to worry about!

But no need to worry I've got all the professionals who are here for you when you need to chat to someone & don't know who to go with.

My passion & skills lie in the foundational element, I have and continue to delve deeply into those via blogs and in my videos. You might like to hop over to my facebook group as well as I do weekly live videos and can answer your questions in the moment - or later on replay.

Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and tap the bell to be notified of new videos.

So how to set your own goals without getting overwhelmed?

Download this free goal setting template & you can use it time and again.

Step 1

What is your big goal?

Step 2

Why have you chosen this one?

Step 3

By when do you want to achieve this?

Step 4

What small steps can you take over the course of this timescale?

Step 5

How will you feel when you've achieved this?

Step 6

What difference will it make to your life?

Step 7

What might throw you off track? And what solutions can you come up with?

Step 8

What else is worrying you?

Step 9

What resources would be really useful?

Step 10

When you have achieved those baby steps and the bigger goal, what comes next?

When are you going to review your progress?

So if this were my goal setting session I might put:

  1. My big goal is to have £1000 in my emergency fund

  2. Because I want to feel secure knowing I've got a plan B

  3. By next summer, July 2023

  4. a/ Review my current budget & bank accounts b/ Create a fresh cash flow style for Autumn through to next Summer c/ See how much I can put away each month - this might vary d/ Set up a direct debit for regular payments e/ Set alarm in my phone to remind me in the months where I can add extra

  5. I will feel elated! I feel at the moment like I can't achieve this but I know that I can if I set my mind to it

  6. It will be huge if something goes wrong or the cost of living crisis worsens & I need a bit of cushioning

  7. Being tempted to buy lovely things! Decide with my budget what lovely things I can afford to buy, by seeing how I can leverage elsewhere, or know that this is short term pain for longer term gain & ride it out! Be strong!

  8. Not having enough money to see friends if something spontaneous pops up. Bit concerned about Christmas with gifts etc. Plus I don't really know or understand what's happening with my workplace pensions.

  9. I think I need to book in time to discuss my pensions with my provider and also chat with an independent financial advisor. Put in diary for January. For Christmas I need to again, use my cashflow budget template to figure out what I can afford between now & then to make sure I've got presents rather than leaving it until my November pay check like I normally do! (Hence still paying off the credit card in February) And keep watching that brilliant youtube channel, budgeting and planning (wink*)

  10. I really want to sort out my big money seasons, like Christmas & birthdays plus my car servicing so I need to look at creating a "sinking fund" for annual expenses. I'll put it in my diary to look at in April next year as I move closer to finishing my emergency fund. Get that done as a priority and then make the next step forwards.

Reviewing my progress

This is usually really hard for me, I get started but sort of run out of steam.

I will commit to having a monthly check in with my bank accounts & budget on the last Sunday of the month for a thorough book keeping session!

It's now in my diary and I've set a reminder notification. I don't think it will take long, but will become quicker the more I get used to doing it.

Keep it all simple

So that it doesn't become an ironing mountain you can't bear to look at & just keep shutting the door on. Is that just me?

Being in control of your money can seriously boost your wellbeing & make you feel quite proud that you've got it sussed, even if it looks a bit tight at least you're in charge of your money not the other way around.

Thank you for being here, until next time

Love from

Lucy x

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