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Financial Wellbeing Part 2

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Hello again & thanks for having a look at part 2, this is where you'll be getting actively involved in a short process to decide where you're at.

Next steps in part 3 is how to decide what to work on first & how to go about it.

What did you think of Part 1 introduction to what financial wellbeing is & how you're feeling?

Did you take a vote?

Right let's crack on - you might want to do this as a couple, with your adult kids if they're setting out in life & maybe grab a notebook ...

Rate yourself out of 10:

  1. Your knowledge of money, how to manage your income & expenses with ease

  2. Know how to get yourself out of and / or avoid debt

  3. Your confidence & ability to pay your bills, keep up with all repayments & live well?

  4. Creating a budget that moves & grooves with you and your season of life?

  5. Your relationship with money. Are you a saver? Do you spend it quickly? Feel guilty when buying something? Scared or confused...? (a 10 = a positive relationship)

  6. Your ability to see the months ahead financially speaking so that you don't run into a brick wall, forgetting about a payment that was coming up for example.

  7. How organised you are with your home paperwork, policy renewals for example

  8. Having an emergency savings account so that you don't have to reach for the credit card, or dip into your holiday savings if something unexpected happens?

  9. Future you, do you have dreams, goals that you are working towards & have them written down? This seals in your commitment so you're 10 times more likely to keep going & achieve.

  10. Do you have a pension set up with work or privately? Investments? Do you know how they're doing?

Ok so these are your scores no one has to see them they're private for you. If you fancy a little music while you think about it...

What did this reveal to you?

Do you have a point in your partnership where you don't agree? Is this causing conflict right now or regularly in your life?

What was your score out of 100?

Are you feeling more overwhelmed now?

Please don't that's what I'm here for. The first step like in so many other things, is to talk about what's going on and slap it on the table on paper. Make it the reality it needs to be.

If your relationship is at loggerheads or just plain bloody difficult because you just don't see eye to eye it will be worth considering finding a specialist to talk to so that you can learn to work together.

Or it may be that your fundamental beliefs in money are driving a wedge so wide that just doing this is exposing you to an even tougher conversation.

I'll be exploring that another time but do google research someone to talk to near you.

Here are a couple of links you might find useful:

You've come a long way just doing this exercise if this is unfamiliar territory. Deep breath!

In part 3, we will explore how to decide on your areas of focus, you'll only be picking one or two for now that will be enough.

If you're not already on social media with me please hop on over, I do lives in my facebook group each week and at some point will do on Insta & Linkedin as well. There's always loads of tidbits, shared nuggets of wisdom & free or low cost suggestions for all sorts of things.

Lots of love until next time

Lucy x

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