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Create your perfect holiday within your budget

It's cold it's grey it's February.

However I did see a single beautiful Narcissi (or is it a daffodil?) on my doggy walk yesterday so the signs of spring are starting to show.

Boy do we need some light at the end of this tunnel, how are you feeling?

Pasty, lethargic, ancient?

Well that's me anyway - quite in need of a sun drenched beach where I can read all day & drink lovely cocktails in the evening over a beautiful dinner looking at the sea.

My friend Alison is what you might call a fairy godmother for all things holiday.

When you've travelled 70% of the world, yes she really has in the last 43 years, you know a thing or two about what can make a beautiful holiday.

Sure there are expensive places to go and it's quite easy to spend £10k on a beautiful Maldivian getaway for two.

If your budget is a little less robust, Alison has many tricks up her sleeve to give you an incredible experience.


Because she knows so many of the quirks & tricks, ideas will flow from her when you have a chat to her about what you would like.

She is very respectful of every clients budget and when all those annoying extras suddenly creep in making your budget a distant memory, Alison will have already thought of all these in advance and made sure they are already included.

You might really want the Caribbean & she will gladly show you what you can get for your money. She will also know that if you fancied a bit more luxury she will suggest another couple of locations that offer you the beauty of what you want but with a better value for money price tag.

For the less creative or time poor amongst us, if you wanted to treat your loved one to a long weekend city break and Paris comes to mind, she will create the best experience for you with theatre tickets or special private tours that you won't even have heard of!

I think this is where Alison comes into her own, you've got let's say £2000 for a family of 4 and you don't know where to go but you want somewhere hot, short haul and fun for the kids.

She will have 4-5 options for you and hone them down by asking you whats important to you.

Proper customer service.

How much do her services cost?


She is a Travel Counsellor and like any travel agency you don't pay them to organise your trip for you.

We recorded a video together, pop the kettle on and have a listen to our chat - we did try to keep it to 15 mins but we're both hopeless chatterboxes! Talking about travel is exciting to me is it you?

Please give the video a "like" on You Tube and subscribe if you fancy checking out all my little videos around budgeting around your life.

The video is just below Alisons contact details as is a 7 page holiday planner you might like to buy? Never again will you shout "Sunglasses!" when you're an hour away from home.

The Travel Counsellors website shows they are fully ATOL Protected - feel free to contact her directly or I'm happy to have her call you if you'd like me to.

Just use the contact me section of this website.

Thank you for reading, do come & say hello on social media so I don't feel lonely!

With love from

Lucy x

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