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So, planning...

Are you a natural planner or a go with the flow kinda person?

Do you feel the overwhelm with under planning?! I know I do, but there's a delicate balance between military style with no time for spontaneity / clearing up spilt coffee from the cream carpet, and not being productive.

Ah yes, productivity that old chestnut.

I mean it's january and all any of us want to do is bury ourselves in netflix and chocolate, not yet feeling the annual bikini panic.

In the last post, I talked about dreaming, from big bloody ridiculous dreams to the things where money isn't currency.

Giving thought, credence to these things can & does literally build your future. We've all heard "keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got" and this is totally true. You can write your future story - it's not planning what you're going to eat this week and yes that is to come - it's much more profound and therefore a great place to start.

Planning daily things is essential to my wellbeing, my passion for great stationary never ceases to amaze my family, whilst my Apple colleagues ( a few years ago) thought it hilarious.

Apps, paper, chalkboard, whatever floats your planning boat, we will discuss the ways in future blogs.

For now, my second blog of all time, I want to introduce you to someone with whom I have a huge respect as she gets to the heart of dreaming, of possibilities and taking courageous action.

As with a lot of audacious dreams, if there is a whiff of one coming true a bit of self doubt often creeps in.

Like this hub for instance. I had a flash of inspiration, did some research to discover a few hundred websites talking about money, budgeting, planning and I felt crushed. But of course there would be, how could I have considered I would have created something brand new?

My "ego self" put me straight. What the heck are you thinking? You don't know enough about the financial world to be any use? Who's going to want your stuff when there's already loads out there?

My Ego Self has said a lot of stuff over the years to keep me safe, in my comfort zone and out of trouble. I like her. I know her.

Claire, who I will introduce properly, has taught me to listen to my Higher Self, or Intuition. What did my higher self have to say?

What if your style resonates with a lot of people?

What if your other clients need something bespoke, you can create it for them!

You know some very talented knowledgeable professionals that will be great collaborators to strengthen your resources

What if you can do this, what if your potential is yet to be discovered?

What if it does work?

I like her too.

Self doubt can expose something important for you to deal with but when it prevents you doing something you want to out of fear then it no longer serves you well.

So, here she is, Claire Sewell everyone!

One of my favourite of her stories: I got chatting with a woman on the Waiheke Island ferry the other day and she asked me what I did.

I said that a lot of my work was helping people overcome their own fear, doubt and internal barriers, so they could be, do and have the work/career they desired.

She sighed and said quietly "I want that". She went on to say that she’d worked in the bank for 30 years. She’d just ‘fallen into’ her career and while she doesn’t enjoy it, it’s allowing her to support her family.

She said it feels like I’ve woken up and I have a 30 year career, a husband and three kids.

In 40 minutes I helped her uncover a heart aligned goal and start understanding the mechanics of goal setting - which she'd never been exposed too.

Knowing what you want, is the first step in being able to create your desired results. Start with the end in mind. That's your 'what'.

Then write down 10 reasons 'why' you want that. That's your motivation when the going gets tough.

Then, to turbo boost bringing it about, imagine what overriding feeling you'll experience, once you've achieved that goal and then find a way to get into that feeling state as often as possible, each day.

Then keep taking action. In spite of what your thoughts may tell you.

Know the way. Go the way. Get out of the way.

Are you a goal setter?

Claire has an incredible audience of mostly women and offers a ton of insight, free on her facebook and linkedin pages as well as short and long term paid coaching.

As some of my big and smaller dreams are becoming my reality my budgeting and planning looks different to a year ago. And I couldn't be happier for it!

Lucy x


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