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Budgeting vs Dieting

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That sinking feeling when you want to undo your trouser button in a restaurant but you already have...

That feeling when your banking app tells you you're using your overdraft, already...

Is your view on dieting the same for budgeting? All restrictive, can't have what you want & too much effort to make all those changes because you've got so much going on already, they never work bla bla?

I hear ya! The word diet makes me go cold as it does for so many of us.

Thankfully we've all adopted the term Healthy Eating in the last few years which is long term self care and so much more achievable. Your healthy eating shoulder buddy tells you, "it's alright to have that little bit of cake with your afternoon coffee you've got a healthy dinner later" whereas diet buddy screams at you "you lardass you cannot eat that, look away now"!

Many of us don't like to be told what to do, I know I could have been called a "professional troublemaker"( Luvvie Ajayi Jone, check her out on the Marie Forleo podcast #244) and most of us don't like to tell ourselves what to do from someone else's ideal. Longer term self care is for you to decide how it looks for you, the same I think can be said for financial long term self care.

Take the word budgeting, it feels sad, cheap, low quality, government budget cuts, rent a budget car it might get you there, budget (old tesco stripe) washing powder might get some of the muck out. Since when has budgeting been so dirty and not in a good way? Does it feel like you're on rations so you say sod it and buy something expensive to make you feel better?

Healthy eating, healthy relationship with money both mean there is some planning involved, some conscious effort to not revert to type with overindulging.

Not sure where to start? Not sure why or if the effort will make any difference?

Healthy eating information is abundant on many apps, websites, social media, tv, cookery books - if you want to know something you can find it. But do you do much about it, for more than a week? Sometimes it helps to kick start your evolving behaviour by choosing to work with a health coach, someone to give you personalised guidance, accountability & understanding. When you do adopt a fresher lifestyle you know you feel better but it does take adjusting to your normal habits. Working with a money mindset coach can help you to untangle your old thoughts you're dragging around about money and working with a great financial advisor can change your financial future before you even realise you were heading for trouble.

If we are what we eat, are our lifestyles the result of our money habits?

Could it be that a few years of overindulging, or losing a bit of grip, just means that you need to cut your cloth a little differently (and move that button over an inch)?

As with your health there's many ways to adopt a healthy budget.

I've chosen 7 of my favourite methods & am creating budgeting planners to match, you can try a few on for size until one feels right. Digital spreadsheets or paper planners I will have them all.

Want to know when they're ready?

Pop your name & email below so you'll get a few goodies as well as alerted to when the good stuff is ready to launch in the next few weeks.

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