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Baking vs Budgeting

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

I want to be the kind of woman who effortlessly whips up something gorgeous on a Sunday morning so we've got home-baked goodies for the whole week.

But I'm not there yet...

Baking is quite an exact science of measuring & mixing - or else it either doesn't rise or it cooks on the outside whilst being all wobbly in the middle.

I tend to find it all a bit stressful so don't often make anything, but I annoy myself by not giving it a go 🥺!

Do you find this feels similar to your budgeting journey?

You want to get it just right & because it makes you feel a bit anxious you shy away from it?

Just like having the simplest of step-by-step recipes with video tutorials, or watching Mary Berry in action, my downloadable spreadsheets, printable templates & tutorials make it soooo easy that you will be able to sort your budget out in no time.

And the benefits?

Feeling more in control, money anxiety can keep me awake at night does it you?

Saving money - what you measure gets managed & who doesn't want to save right now?

Creating a routine that makes you feel all cosy inside - knowing that you & your family are in the best shape possible for your current life season.

What are your thoughts...?

Grab your gorgeous little freebie ebook if you haven't already 🤍

Get crackalacking with a simple template, for paper lovers here:

For google sheet fans here:

OK, might be a Vicky Sponge Sunday coming up, who's with me?

Love from

Lucy x

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