Car, pet, home contents & buildings insurances, there are so many things that we cherish so we insure them.

But what about us?

We need to have enough protection in place so that any big eventuality brings a reassuring financial hug when you need it.

When doing your life admin, you might want to take a full picture of what you are currently paying for and if it's still right for you - the seasons of your life evolve so it's really important that you have enough and you're not overpaying. 

Home Insurance

When protecting your home & belongings, when was the last time you reviewed what you have in place in case something awful happened? When you re-mortgaged?

Have you bought something precious in the last few years, an expensive bike or jewellery? 

What would cause you financial strain if you had to replace something that had been stolen or met with an unfortunate accident?

What about your all-important central heating system, plumbing, drainage, electrics, pests and security? 

If you've ever suffered a boiler breakdown you know how awful it is to be without hot water & hot radiators! 


Let's have a chat together with your other household bills and I'll show you how you can pay less for a fabulous service.